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Haiku my Heart #24 Stretching

Stretching the body
and stretching the perception,
=  flexibility
Yesterday I fell and grazed my knee 
in the market place,
I got to think about my
 yoga practice,
had my stance been more
the damage could have been much worse,
makes you think!

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Unknown said…
wise woman! now I am thinking about my own rigidity ......
Meri said…
Ah to have such long graceful fingers! And flexibility -- now there's a good thing.
Dear Poet...keep stretching your perception!

Lonely Sentinel
rebecca said…
it is so humbling to fall. (sadly i know too well)
so glad you know how to yield.

welcome to the weekend all dressed in Spring!
Carola Bartz said…
Love your play with shadow and light.
I hope your knee heals quickly. I had several falls a few years ago, and my knees aren't the same anymore. It's what we call age...
I love these graceful silhouettes as well. I think that they must be healing for you after such a fall. I wonder if this lack of rigidity that you have discovered is lapping into the corners of other areas of your being because here, you look so deeply at peace ~ a newly discovered risen self.
Ramesh Sood said…
Yes, rigidity doesn't help much.. a good message here..
joco said…
Nice one, foxy.
And pertinent.
Tricky chaps, knees.
gma said…
Stretching certainly helps.
Really great post, Sue! The elongated images with the "stretching" in the haiku--very creative. I love yoga for the insights it gives to both mind and body, how they're related. Massage your feet so it works all your points and makes the sore muscles feel better! xxox

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