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I'm stirring...

I spoke about the excitement and exhilaration I'd experienced as an 'art student' I haven't had this feeling in a long time but something is happening right now I don't know what it is but the clues are there! I'm feeling a little skittish even, like the synapses in my brain are making new connections, or at least re-establishing old ones that give me the feeling of being alive again after what seems like and eternity of dark days... Whilst my love was on this planet, he wasted very few moments. The days were spent mostly making or repairing things, he was a very down to earth man but said he loved me because, quoting Dylan's words, "of the two sisters I was the 'creative one'".  He always encouraged me to express myself here in Finding my Bliss.  He said he was not creative but I knew differently for music and words were a big part of his life loving to search the internet for lost tunes and lyrics. I would often find him

What is Art ? ~ I am Art?

I had a hard time of it as an 'art student'! The course was what they termed 'self-led'. I was thrown in at the deep end, technique instruction was a no no, finding one's own way through research and experimentation was the path to self expression.. This was at the time when Tracey Emin was making her conceptual  Bed Art ! For me there wasn't much in the way of positive encouragement, my work being worthy! The relationship with my tutor Mr Salt was a 'love ~ hate' one, I loved the passion intrigue and excitement he evoked for the 'modern way', but I hated the lack of feedback about my work, the only comment I remember was "this looks awkward".  A number of the students dropped out of the course expecting a more 'traditional' approach, copying the 'masters' etc! I made it my goal to finish the course through sweat, blood and tears, I remember my final comments to the tutors which I can tell you did not go down w