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For the Journey ~ Stage #3 ~~~~~~ Now to Infinity

After the journey's rocky terrain petered out, the place of emotional release and point of red-rage painting the path began to even as the days unfolded, the heart being held and cradled by soulful searching and supported by kind comments of encouragement from kindred spirits. What's left is a visual journey document, a point of reference, notes to self, to keep close to heart for the future fortification, a life journal going forward... Pages to add treasured comments, suggestions and ideas... Pages for quotes, poetry, and pretty things... Pages for more mystical meanderings and imagery... I will continue to visit these pages, add more little visual messages as the days continue, I will book mark the stages as and when from now to infinity... Thank you all for holding me in loving kindness through these days, my daughter is past the worst, she/we continue to battle with mental health issues, perhaps battle is not the correct word here, pe

Detour to 'B'

A little detour... a shelter along the way place for perspective I've been by the coast for a few days, the place where my heart resides, my favouite place to just B e, to contemplate, gain some clarity on life's journey, recharge.... Of course this is the place that brings me home to my true-self, the thing that fuels my passion, the enigmatic surge that drives me to capture the moments, that mysterious something that is so hard describe... But if I could bottle up that mysterious 'something', that beautiful feeling, I would do so and ship-it out to all of you... Hope you all find a place to just  B e...... Linking with Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

For the Journey ~ Stage #2 ~~~~Difficult Terrain

Intuitive path a journey to finding self under harvest moon As I said at the outset there would be emotions involved on this journey, that at starting point the terrain was just a sketchy outline but likely  we would encounter some emotional landscape, needing inner  strength to see it through... See first post * here * I wanted the path of the journey to reveal itself to me intuitively, I felt like I needed to pour my personal emotions into paint at this point, but how do you paint anger frustration fear? Looking at the journey document there seemed a natural little place ready mapped out to lay the first drop of raw paint emotion. At the centre there was a stitched outline of a heart shape that I hadn't noticed previously. it popped right out at me... The most fearful part of a painting journey is always the first splash of colour, it felt right that red paint be used here to express my emotion, along with sharp and swirling lines expressing my conflict and

For the Journey ~ Stage #1

Today marks a pivotal point, the first day of a journey. Yesterday I thought about how I would document this journey my daughter and I are embarking on. I knew it had to be something significant, a vehicle if you like to carry us both through this emotional landscape...something to help us go within, reach deep into our inner resources to search for the strength we both need to see it through... The Journey starts here ~> I don't know how long the journey will take, days or even weeks I'm not sure but as I said yesterday this journey is going to be big so I needed something big to document it and contain it... I decided on a paper support, (support - something an artist uses to paint on) must be at least 4 feet wide and preferably 6 feet long, expansive enough to contain the many ( hopefully ) rich details this journey will afford! As with any journey though, the planning and preparation was not without some head scratching, I only had thick lining paper to

Soul~full of ' Soft '

My soft ~ Susan ~ soul sojourn ~> I've been to the place where my soul entwines with soft ~> Soft Scenes ~> soft sea, soft sky, soft sand and ~> Soft Souls  Susan Piver is one such soft soul who I love to be in the company of, figuratively speaking, she has a soft way of showing strength, empathy and understanding...  you will find her here   ( to be expanded later ) ... I have expressed my love for 'soft' in these images with very little editing as I wanted to preserve the soft feeling I remember whilst travelling ~> . The reflection on the window of my head shadow entwines me with the scene, becoming 'one', Being , merging, immersed, absorbed... the flash, that I could have removed remains, symbolizing my soul connection to soft and an enlightened state... Think about it, where does your soft~soul love to sojourn? Express yourself... Send your expressions out to the universe... By way of ~ Postcards from Parad

Spirit at Ease

Essence of now ~ Spirit has settled somewhat, back to the here and now in this little cobbled-up cottage, waiting upon winds of change to lead the way, to intuit the path that only she knows... I must not set an agenda for travelling down a hard and fixed route, focusing on precise detail, such intent would only hinder anyway, I would not hear her whispers... I am ready and waiting, I've been here before, I will recognize her leading like a one soft note intro, pausing for another and the magic to begin, the whole beautiful symphony to be revealed... I'm trusting it's all happening just as it should...

Spirit won't Settle

Essence of now ~ Feelings welling up, full on the beauty of being, being in a place so loved, remembering... Misty mountains rising from soft sands, swirling imprints of ocean's mighty stride reflecting ambient light, bouncing off shore's dusky surface, inviting like a lucid dream... T'was said travel can "sign one up for evolution", there's been an evolution of sorts, an awakening... Spirit won't settle, she's restless within, needs to return...