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I Felt the Fear!

I'm posting on the subject of fear!  We all feel it, it's part of life it's natural to fear, it's a protection, without it we would run into all kinds of difficulties e.g. not fearing the results of dangerous driving etc! The fear I'm talking about is one of the worst kinds of fear.  Last night I felt this fear like I've not felt in years, and don't want to feel again!  My little feller Jasper was in the back garden as normal whilst I was busy assembling a photo montage for my friend.  I was all consumed by my activity and was vaguely aware of Jasper barking, which is quite normal as we live on a country lane with regular farm traffic clanking by.  Dougal and Jasper love nothing better than to guard our property from the monster machinery descending down the hill! My love, all alarmed asked me where the little feller was?  "Is he upstairs?".  "Don't think so I replied", as I looked frantically, this was very unusual for Jasper as he

Dive into My World

August Break #12

What to Do?

Jamie Ridler asks in Wishcasting Wednesday - How would you like to spend some time? Good question for me at this time of year as I usually embark on some course or other for the winter months ahead, and as usual I'm not sure?  I go through  familiar questions, what do I really love and would like to spend time pursuing?  I've got qualifications in Fine Art and my heart is in photography, graphics, printmaking etc. But I'm torn because I'm also interested in Personal Development and have a yearning to share what I've learned so far with others in some way, especially on-line?  So what do I do? How do  I spend some time doing what I want to do, don't know, not sure but one thing I do know is that I need to spend more time puzzling it out? Or will it just come to me?  Do I spend more time meditating upon these ideas??? For other wishcaster wishes visit Jamie Ridler Studios

The Way I saw Sunday

August Break #11

Good Night!

August Break #10

Turn out the light

August Break #9

All's well that ends well - cheers ....

August Break #8

Worlds within Worlds

August Break #7 Yesterday's pic reflected the state of being at the precise moment the sun set on Ilfracombe's seascape,  the beauty of the sunset lit up the Bakery window reflecting the passers-by and a moment of their lives was captured, a unique moment in history never to be repeated!  Fascinating!   Mysterious in the sense of wonderment about people and their lives? Asking deeper questions about our connections to others? Today's pic in the series of 'Reflections of Reflections' highlights another world within, as the light changes it reveals a world of delights in the form of delectable treats!  It was a lovely day full of surprise for me and my camera.   My love and I had spent a good part of the day until 3.30pm in our camper van as the rain continued from Tuesday, we decided to give it until late afternoon and then go home if it didn't stop as we'd planned to travel home Wednesday anyway.  I reasoned that should the rain stop we could salvage the da

Reflections of Reflections of .....

Just got back from another expedition, this time we traveled South to the beautiful North Devon Coast.  Photography for me is more than documenting my travels, it's a spiritual experience, which transports me to the mysterious and sensual.  Reflective photography is an example of this as it allows you to experience other worlds of being created by the reflection of two or more views in one composition. In my August Break Shots for this week I'm going to give a glimpse of these worlds: August Break #6

Happy S-u-n-furling

I've joined in with the August Break project hosted by Susannah Conway (see the badge) and my happiness this week has been to capture the sunflower in my garden as it gently unfurls, (one pic per day). The rest of the week has been a bit higgledy piggledy, I've been psyching-up all summer to start the massive job of painting the exterior of our house, finally got down to it this week promising ourselves a holiday in our beloved chariot when completed.  Well it has rained on and off all week hasn't it!  Finally finished yesterday only to be denied the get-away today as the chariot's wing mirror got broken two weeks ago, my love ordered one immediately off ebay, they promised it to be here in ten days and isn't!!!! Oh, kettle, computer and toilet cistern all on the blink this week too, all necessities, been very frustrating! But Today is our wedding anniversary and even if we don't get off on holiday, can't have a hot drink or go to the loo I can always take

S-u-n-furling #3

August Break #5

S-u-n-furling #2

August Break #4


August Break #3

Clashing Beautifully

 August Break #2


August Break #1 In my last Full Buck Moon Dreamboard I focused on unconditional love and the quote 'glowing with love'.  'I'm still focusing'