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A well lit Passage

My candle burns bright amid swirling blacks and greys. faith is my strong flame... I'm taking quiet days by candlelight whilst my love is ill, I can't see a light at the end of the tunnel but the passage is well lit we are living in Love & Light...

It's Okay

I have yet to master the art of feeling all is okay whilst suffering pain! However I feel sheer pleasure, 'my cup runneth over' feeling in the absence of pain. Perhaps I haven't traveled far enough down the road to enlightenment, or sat long enough on my meditation cushion, or said my thousandth hail Mary to be okay with pain. But What pain has taught me is to Be with pain, to Be with those who suffer pain too, to feel their pain like it's my own, to let my heart soften towards their painful moments not to take it away, but to say there there, I'm here for you, I'm here for you in your moments of 'not okay', we can feel the pain together, it's okay!

Warrior Woman Detour

Yearning clear blue skies to brighten the road for ease, to step light of heart... Detour intersect is warrior woman's path she must tread alone, her only companion Om lifts a weighted heart... feeling vibrational warmth, she lights momentum... My heart is weighed down at the moment, we are waiting for scan results, my love has been in constant debilitating pain since before Christmas, I'm having a nasty IBS flare-up, I'm doing warrior woman work! I am grateful for this Friday morning ritual ~ Haiku my Heart, it is a wonderful distraction from the everyday, focusing on and fitting feelings into 575 syllables... Thanks to our Rebecca for hosting ~> Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

I Played in Paradise

The sun shone brightly today, I took advantage of her brilliant gift, I tended my garden, I tended my spirit, I played in paradise... Postcards from Paradise Recuerda mi Corazon

My Silken Altar

The reflective image below is one taken of my south facing window,  which is more like an altar to me because of the ever changing light that allows for embracing the moments of silent connection and praise. I take many photographs from this window as I marvel at the sun's energy  to illuminate or in this case reveal through shadows and reflections. This image has been sitting in my file for sometime, it has a hidden message for me that  I knew would one day surface...    Heart broken open by the mystery of you... love stitches together.  Gentle love rides pain like silken thread slips through jute spring balm for raw edge. Stitch with silken love the polarities of life  embrace the mystery... Sending to Rebecca for healing... Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

Night Vision

At the moment I'm feeling a bit stuck, groping about in the dark, can't wait for daylight to see. I'm on a journey but can't quite make out where the next stop off is... I want my view to be clear and colourful, with lots of beauty and inspiration so I can see clearly where I am going, which turn off to take, but the truth of the matter is things are a little obscure and monochrome... But, I have learned by now to look for beauty here too in the flat monochrome, to rest awhile with what is. I've come to realize and appreciate we need these quite times, it's like the scripture says ~ "there is a season for everything under the sun". Perhaps that is why I am so in-tune with trees in their winter state, their season for repose. I know their sap will begin to rise soon, if not already, and then whoosh! Away we will all go, bursting forth with the colours of life!

Trees, Light, Dreams & Reaching Out

My mind has been with the trees lately. For now, they remain stripped back to their essential winter state. Something deep within me clings to these bare open arms, these silhouettes... I had a dream about the trees ~ I was stationed all alone and before my eyes a huge tree appeared, surrounded by smaller trees, the trees formed a copse with the huge tree transmitting light. Lighting the ground where I stood, I marveled at the tree emitting the light and felt an affinity with it... All of a sudden the tree copse and the light lifted and transported itself to a distant place. I was alarmed for I wanted to be in the company of the trees and remain within the beautiful light. I called to the huge tree from a distance and asked that they return to me.  Immediately the tree copse uprooted again and came back, but they didn't come so close, a little way away but within reach with a little effort! After recalling my dream I thought about the science fiction film Av