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Step it up a Notch

Am not feeling brill today, how do you step it up a notch when you feel you are slipping? visit, visit, visit  girlfriends of course! Dirty Footprints Studio

My Tribe

The outset was dubious I was all alone,  but  I wanted to find a tribe of my own, I wanted kinfolk with whom I could share some abstract thoughts, an image, a care. The meetings seemed tenuous  and sketchy to start, as I posted my pictures, my words and my art, but slowly they came one by one, a cheery hello, a very well done, and the days that followed I was lifted up high, it felt like magic, I really could fly! So I'm sending this message on the next tide, to  Postcards from Paradise, my sisters, my tribe, A very big thank you straight from my heart, for sharing my journey, for being a part. xxx Visit  Recuerda mi Corazon

Haiku my Heart # 53

Love Lifts the Spirit Promises of spring, being satiated with love, lifts wintered spirits. Sending to Recuerda mi Corazon

No Picnik

I'm sharing the Joy ~  HeArt & Quote What I love to do is morph my pics with Picnik, it is a very easy to use photo editor. My joy was toppled recently when Google announced they would be withdrawing Picnik, I have looked at several others but none seem to match for simplicity............ BOO HOO GOOGLE They say they have other things to pursue, would that be things like complicating the   word verification even more? Please excuse my little rant on this yet otherwise Joyful start to the day!! Sending to Share the Joy Thursday Meri's Musings

Switch on the Light

I am a bright light seeker that is what I do, I always look for the light  where it falls anew. When I start reflecting on all in life that's stark I turn towards those bright, bright lights especially after dark!

Haiku my Heart #52 ~ Golden Glow

I saved my golden glow for darkened days of doubting. Doubt bows low to light. More Haiku Poetry  @ Recuerda mi Corazon  

Yoga Buddy Love

for my yoga buddy Sue xxx I was overjoyed to receive a card out of the blue from a yoga buddy who learned about my fall via blog posts, so I'm digi-doodling my heart for her and anyone else who would like to share! more Joy at Meri's Musings

Knit one Purl one

Knit one purl one, divide the knit stitch by knitting  twice into that same stitch,  you now have three stitches instead of two, continue in this way until you have  24 stitches or  a shawl or a new baby or a mended ankle! Does anyone have the pattern for a mended mind? My girl is back in hospital, I'm sad!

Pond Blessing

Today I have a little more  hop in my hop! a little more spring in my step,  I can actually move around better in my cast. I even managed some light chores stood on one leg! What is giving me added Joy is the prospect  of the sun's return, for this year we will be witnessing brand new life forming! Our pond's first season of growth  and with the sun's help we're hoping for an abundance of wildlife to find it's way here. The National Trust will be planting  wild flower and grasses, we hope some winged creatures will take a fancy to our pond too, maybe even a swan! We are planning a little initiation ceremony for the spring equinox, kind of a blessing on the pond. A few candles set afloat on the water that sort of thing, if anyone has any  more suggestions to make  this special I would be over-Joyed  to hear from you. Sending over to the Joy gatherer Meri's Musings

Intuiting under The Full Snow Moon

I'm participating in Jamie Ridler's once a month Full Moon Dreamboards. This is one of my all-time favourite activities, it takes me away from myself into the world of my dreams. I find myself diving into a deeply therapeutic experience. The motivational message this month from Jamie is ~ "Sometimes we bury our dreams and desires deep within, as though hiding them under layers and layers of snow. Protecting them. Protecting ourselves. Waiting until the time is right for them to grow. Now is the time to tune into your heart, to let your intuition and your dreamboard express and reveal the dreams that are hidden inside you. Let the creative process take you below the surface, beneath the layers of safety and protection, guiding you to the innermost dreams sparkling in your soul". I decided on a photo collage this time, having fractured my ankle and not daring to venture out in the snow to find fresh paper collage materials, I quickly went through my entire library

Restrained not Broken

Sometimes life  throws a restraining  order on you, you feel like a trapped tiger wanting to escape,  but the thing with restraint the more you try to wriggle out of it the tighter the restraint becomes. Acceptance of the situation means stilling yourself, biding your time, seeing the beauty that exists even when boundaries are erected around you. "Nothing stays the same, this too will pass" ~~~ 'Restrained not Broken' Sending to . Postcards from Paradise  Recuerda mi Corazon . & . Soul Songs Path of Divine Love

Haiku my Heart #51 Cartwheeling

Since I am pot-bound, not able to venture out without aid, I sit in the sunshine window with my camera and imagine the day I'll be free to cartwheel before the sun! . Cartwheeling is probably a little optimistic, but the feeling will be the same! Haiku my Heart, a place to share poetry and a friendly hello ~> ~> Recuerda mi Corazon

The Joy of Rising

Abstract wilting moments call for complete immersion into the essence of life sustaining sap where broken petals  rise refreshed,  anew.