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What's This?


Postcards from Paradise #1

Post cards from Paradise Every year in the fields  behind my cottage Stainsby Folk Festival Happens It's  been going strong for over forty years, sometimes the sun shines, sometimes the wind blows, sometimes it does nothing but rain. It doesn't matter though a peaceful community comes together. It has become a family tradition, our grown kids and their friends  camp in the garden  it's a wonderful time of celebration. All peace lovers Welcome! for more  Postcards from Paradise visit Recuerda mi Corazon

Haiku my Heart #17 Longer Days

Longer days Looming Resurrection Revealing The Heavenly Host Visit Recuerda mi Corazon for beautiful haiku poetry

Change as Good as a Rest?

You may have noticed a change, in my page layout? I've been thinking about my ethereal home  here on-line and what I want from it, how I want it to look? My style is about  simplicity,  which is what I want to reflect here,  photography  is my passion, so this has to be centre stage. With this in mind I decided to  re-arrange the layout in order to get larger images on the page. I decided to  move the blog-roll to the left, leaving more room on the right for  these images. But I wasn't happy with the outcome  WHY ??? Well my Lovelinesses!   You all disappeared from my  main peripheral vision, and it dawned on my me why?  We in the western hemisphere read  from left to right, so whilst reading towards the right you remained constantly in my   right peripheral vision and I would know when each of you  added a new post, VERY IMPORTANT Now you are on the left  I feel you are left out, not easily noticed! THIS WILL NEVER DO !!! So I think I'm going to move you all back

Grey Days

journeying through the grey ... graceful grey ...

Grateful for the Grey!

Grey what can I say about Grey? A Grey Day? I can be grateful for the grey, for it contrasts beautifully  with warmer tones, warmer tones bringing  cheer to my bones, A heart warming end to a Grey Day! The dark grey days of winter do have their compensations, we can laze in-front of a blazing fire  watching the flames, the colours, reminiscing ... Dad would always make perfect toast  over an open fire,  he was an 'expert toaster',  me, I always cremated mine  over the flames, if not dropped into them! Dad's were always just right, he had the knack of angling the fork for an all-over brown loveliness. The deliciousness was made all the more by his careful application of  glistening butter. The trick was patience, I hadn't learnt that,  in-fact, waiting my turn for the next piece  seemed like an eternity, rather like waiting for spring! Ah, simple pleasures! For more Stumbling towards Ecstasy Visit Recuerda mi Corazon

Haiku my Heart #16 Beseeching Hearts

Hearts Beseeching Hearts Winging over Vast Oceans Perpetuating ... Peace Namaste Have a peaceful, beautiful weekend, x For more Haiku Poetry Visit Recuerda mi Corazon

More Light Therapy Needed

I'm feeling  like a little light therapy! So, what's a girl to do ... but call on her friends? They're sure to set her heart on fire! SHARE the  JOY THURSDAYS at Meri's Musing H a p p y D a y s

Winter's Bare Beauty

For a while I lived surround by trees ... I used to lay bewitched on my bed  of a summer's evening,  bewitched by the beautiful Silver Birch, she would beckon to me  through my bedroom window rustling her delicate leaves in the breeze, enticing me to gaze at her elegant,  silvery slim form, gracefully bending hither which way  as the wind directed. It was a spiritual thing! Lately I am revering trees even more ... driving home at dusk, down my lane, through  the tunnel of arched ancient trees, beautiful bare branches,  silhouetted against the evening sky, I suddenly became aware, I seemed to be enveloped by their presence  a feeling of intimacy came over me,  I began to sense a close  belonging. Today, I'm sighing ... soon these beautiful, bare beings will be busy in their busy-ness of manufacturing spring adornment .... .... the change must take place, they must transform, we all do! Rebecca speaks about change, the cycles of life ... stumbling towards ecstasy Recuerda m

Haiku my Heart #15 Sun Salutation

Frozen Dogwood Days Sun Signalling Cessation  Seed Salutation   Sun  salutations, stirring still seeds, breathing life into dormant depths, diving deeply into the divine. for more haiku poetry  visit Recuerda mi Corazon

Haiku my Heart #14 ~ Remembering Hilda May

Dearest Hilda May, resting on sons' strong shoulders, always held in love. It was a sad, but also a very tender and beautiful day when Hilda was carried to rest  on the shoulders of the menfolk in her life. It was fitting,  after all, they had been her life ~ her husband Ernie who had gone before, her two sons, and two grandsons, and of course us, her wider family. As one final act of love and respect, we slowly and reverently visited Hilda's beloved 'Sun Street', the street she grew up in, the street she played in as a child, and  the place she reminisced about in later years. Such a touching, final rendezvous, imagining  Hilda Happy on Sun Street. ~ Wednesday, 2nd February 2011 ~ For more haiku poetry  visit Recuerda mi Corazon

What is Happiness?

"You do whatever you're happy to do!  If you're happy I'm happy" This was the message I received  from my future daughter-in-law this morning regarding some wedding plans. These two lines and this photo made me feel happy, for two reasons? One, the memory of our happy double birthday celebrations, and two because she was concerned about my present happiness. This made me think about happiness ~  I definitely was happy on our double birthday celebration, but as you can see with some pensiveness,  where did this come from? I have recently been looking at what happiness is  in a course on Practical Philosophy. It was proposed that  'happiness is our natural state', but it gets 'covered over',  happiness   was likened to the light emitted  from a light bulb,  that could be impaired by gathering dust, needing to be removed periodically to keep it shining brightly. What do you think?