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Keeping it Real #1 ~ Ebb & Flow

Ebb Springtime and 3 acres of land, one broken American mower chain! Planned son's visit later today maybe postponed  -  petrol stations running out of fuel,  panic  buying here in the UK, threat of  fuel tanker strikes. Visiting dentist this morning, worst bit is the bill. Flow Blue, blue skies, maybe summer will be in March this year! Pond is coming on a treat, we now have  3 Mallards and  2 Canada Geese visit these shores. I have been able to practice yoga with more ease today than yesterday. Homemade Brioche bread & butter pudding with Cornish Clotted Cream, I'm getting so adventurous with my culinary skills: Method: Soak a good handful or so of sultanas in prune juice  or (whatever you fancy!) for 30 mins spread 6/7 slices of brioche with butter cut into soldiers  line dish bottom & sides with slices sprinkle with a dusting of sugar and sultanas layer remaining slices and sultanas with  the bread on top beat two

Playing with my Heart

My heart is hanging a little lighter now, after a harrowing few weeks of experiencing  both dark and light  simultaneously,  I'm in a playful mood now, as you can see I'm playing with my heart! Cast off and limping better My girl has turned a corner, out of hospital for good soon My scary hospital day patient test proved to be fine - relief! JOY Sharing my joy with Meri's Musings

It's been a while...........

.... things on my mind, spending time in the sanctuary, with my boy, sometimes when I look into his eye I think I'm looking into the eye of God.

Inside / Outside

  Rebecca asks about views? inside - babies snuggle, outside - feel the need to cocoon myself in softness, inside - the comfort of afternoon tea,  outside - sun sparkling on Isla's Pool, inside -  mum's day heart messages, outside - well you can see for yourself, we take it all in our stride, my love has rebuilt this wall about 5 times. Just another day in paradise! See more views at  Postcards from Paradise Recuerda mi Corazon

Haiku my Heart #54 ~ Magic Performance

beaming light flashes stirring silent sentinels magic show alert! For more Haiku Poetry visit Recuerda mi Corazon  

Simple Things

What has brought me joy this week? I have spent a lot of time  reflecting quietly,  thinking about spring and the cycles of life, light, warmth, renewal, and   seeing an almost spontaneous smile  come across my daughter's face today whilst on leave from hospital, the simple things really. I'll be sharing my JOY with Meri's Musings  


Where did light & shadow  lead you  today?  My day  started out brilliantly, then the light changed,   things got a bit murky,   I felt all alone, off the beaten path, until I caught sight of the sisters......!

Panning for Gold

Today finds me  panning  for gold, ~> ~> 'daisies  are  my silver, buttercups my gold'. I didn't find buttercups but I did find  the forsythia being  drenched by spring rain.   'Every cloud has a  silver lining'  so they say.  Whilst I have been pot-bound I've nearly finished baby fox's shawl! Plus I kick my pot off on Tuesday! 44 hrs! Oh and the other good thing that happened this week, our pond has been planted with reeds, water irises and wild flowers .  I'm thinking a willow arbor and seat for me and my love!   What do you think? Sending my snaps to Postcards from Paradise