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Happy Friday - My small seeds blossomed!

I want to let you all know what a lovely day I had last Saturday.  I've been thinking for sometime now that I would like to extend the pleasure of our dreamboard experience, share with others in our corner of the universe!  I have been involved with quite a few artsy groups but never heard of a vision or dreamboarding group? I'd already had a few chats with my yoga teacher about the Law of Attraction etc. and told her about Jamie Ridler and the on-line dreamboard group and asked if she would like to come along and get creative herself?  I'm very happy to report that's just what we did .... I was apprehensive about this to start with, but needn't have been, Natalie came along with delicious home made lavender cookies and chocolate cup cakes so beautifully wrapped.  We had a great time getting into the flow and chatting about our dreams etc...... My dream is that this will be a regular slot in our calendar and that we can attract more dreamers!  And

Full Pink Moon - Natalie

This is my first moon board and I am really happy with it!  I love the colours especially, and have been thinking  a lot about travel lately. My ultimate dream destination is India and the Taj Mahal.  I teach yoga and want to move into yoga therapy so for me this board is about planting the seeds of change and moving forward towards my goals and dreams in this life, let's hope those seeds blossom!! PEACE & LOVE - Natalie

Full Pink Moon - Charlotte

This time the dreamboard reflects how my thoughts are scattered. I hope that the ideas with longevity take seed and blossom and so can lead me to a more certain path through life.

Full Pink Moon - Sue

I wanted this board to feel light and airy to match the mood of blossom time.  This is what I would like to attract and reflect in my life also, a lighter spirit.  I intuitively assembled my images and words as usual, and again I was surprised to see the main focus seems to be two contrasting female figures.  One all soft and serene in among the pink words '"I am love" whilst the other is in grainy black and white tones and appears to be forging forward from the words "pretty powerful".  Is this my alter-ego making a showing again?  I'm not sure, but when you put the two quotes together -"I am love and pretty powerful" it makes a thought provoking statement?

Daily Dose of Light Therapy

Some people suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) mostly in the winter months due to the lack of light. It is believed that finding alternative light sources will relieve the symptoms. I'm not sure if this is the case with me but I know for sure that when I'm not feeling on top-form light therapy will usually restore my spirits.  So I look for light sources, the sun when out is perfect, I look for where it's shining in my home, the window ledges, on the walls and if I have something to reflect/refract or just filter the sun's rays like a glass vase that's even better.

Getting Organised

Today I'm in the throes of getting myself together for 'big work'.  This is my 'work-space' and I'm in the process of making it just right for the 'big work' I've set my intention on!  It may not look very disorganised as I'm mostly on the ball when it comes to order and aesthetics, but the problem lies here with my computer work-station  the place where I need to create some kind of order, as this is where the 'big work' will emanate from.  I have a problem with the ergonomics at present as can be seen, this is because my love and I usually share the same work-space, now that we have our own computers we need to be more 'ergonomically sorted'. So today I'm sorting it for - THE BIG WORK!!!

Happy Friday

Coz we're going to be ..... posted as being the 'finale' Pleased to report back to   Jamie Ridler  and company our very happy day.  We met with my daughter in-law to be and her mum after our relaxing train journey through the beautiful Trans-Pennine countryside to the vibrant city of Manchester, where we wined and dined in the famous for footballers  Italian restaurant 'Rosso' before having a wonderful toe tapping experience at the Palace Theatre.   H a p p y D a y s !


A grey day again looking through my window - could have had a grey mood to match, but for the Forsythia! The fresh, delicate pale yellow blossom stood out so strikingly against the blanket grey skies. How I thrill at my lens image, I whisk it away quickly to be computed, can't wait for even more delight as it emerges on the screen, I feel frenzied with the results and my day becomes bright even though the skies are heavy with cloud!

Happy Friday

As ever the magic of light from the sun, my camera and imagination always does the trick for me! And of course I came across a new way of sharing and receiving a shot of happiness from Jamie Ridler in Happy Fridays.