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Happy Friday - Happy Everyday

Another vehicle waged war with our wall - third time this year!  Hope of happier days to come ... Yes I can feel it in the air ... . That's more like it on the road again! And a happy time had by all - Everyday Happy! Jamie Ridler

Sue's Full Flower Moon

Well, this dreamboarding activity has become quite an addiction, not just because I love the chance to use my creative energy but because as I intuit the process it becomes more intriguing!  For me this time I felt drawn to the image of a 'strong woman' that some of you commented on from my last dreamboard.  Again, I saw two similar images of scarecrows on the same newspaper page, I just had to include them.  The words scary, freedom and adventure all popped out at me along with the clock telling the time, also images of distant shores and peoples captured my attention. This is so compelling and right in line with my current personal awareness reading. When I stood back and looked at my dreamboard, it seems to speak to me!  The scarecrow and it's reflection reminds me of my own duality which can be scary at times! Freedom can be a scary route to take, but it is well worth the effort of facing personal fears for the adventures in store!!!  To make your own Dreamboard see 

Charlotte's Full Flower Moon

I  took Jaimie's advice and studied my Full Pink Moon dreamboard to understand why my thoughts were scattered. I came up with a few words in doing this; light-hearted, motivated, optimistic, cheerful, guidance and a whole lot more. This really helped me to organise my thoughts more clearly for this, the Full Flower Moon. The background is a sheet of these words all melded together in script and painted in pretty colours. The other main aspect to this dreamboard is various snapshots of my heroine, you may recognise her. I've loved how this woman has portrayed herself for over 20 years. Despite her own ups and downs in life she's always come back to us with exuberance, a happy heart and grace. I draw comparisons from her journey to my own and try to emulate these good qualities.  To make your own Dreamboard see  Jamie Ridler Studios.

Happy Friday

This Week's Happy my boys ability to filter out grey skies! and of course Jamie Ridler & friends contact Jamie Ridler