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Don't Blink

What rate ticketh clock? I blinked and a whole year passed or, was I dreaming? Somehow I seemed to have lost a whole year, it appears what I thought happened last year happened the year before! My sister who is twelve years my senior warned me about this ~ "wait until you get to my age then time really does fly"! Of course we'll never be able to confer! Still, living in the moment can feel like forever, because it is, I'm trying to make each beautiful moment count! Sharing with Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

Intuitive Dream-Board Tutorial

I am the Queen of procrastination! but today I'm going to change ;~) I am going to pursue something I promised myself and you ages ago ~> A ~  Full Moon Intuitive Dream Board & Tutorial Why? Because it is the 'Full Snow Moon' this evening a perfect time for visioning and creating, a powerful process for securing dreams! Tutorial here we go ~> First step collect materials ~> images, words, colours that speak to you from old magazines, photos, leaflets packaging etc. *keep your eyes open* My stash today ~  a variety of magazines, when I go through them I'm confident something will speak to me..... BTW I'm tuning into some therapeutic listening, Sade on Spotify! 'Bring me Home' ~ Live 2011, oh, and a mug of cocoa.... Next I quickly scan the magazines and rip out the images/words, this stage needs to be swift, just an intuitive recognition of what draws your attention, no need to labour! The idea is to get the juicy

Breathe Easy

My hospital appointment coincided with yoga practice, so I was a little reluctant to visit as I knew it was just to tidy-up the paper work and to discharge. However, there was a consolation should I miss yoga! The 'English Eccentric', the consultant who was so very charming on my last visit, and, maybe he would throw some light on another concern I was holding my breath about? Having had some re-assurance from the 'pink cartoon tie' wearing consultant I was off in a jiffy. It was about 4 minutes to the hour, the lights being with me on the road and just a few moments later I slipped into the back of the studio unnoticed joining in with yogic calming breathing...... Tense situations in life tend to make us hold our breath, and then we may only breathe into the top part of the lungs or the chest, this is common, not using the whole of the lungs!  Yoga focuses on fluidity of mind, body and spirit, using the breath to facilitate this. Calm steady breath


I have a gay friend, he's one of my yoga buddies.  After our practice today he gave me a ~> He told me he missed me at Monday's practice, this felt so good, this connection is a real   Joy.... Linking with Sharing the Joy Thursday Meri's Musings   Bonnie's Pixel Dust Photo-Art

Thinking Out Loud

My love asked me about  when I meet God at the judgement throne? What would I say? Would I be levelling all the darkness against him? To which I replied,  "I would say thank-you, thank-you", "Life is not always fair, but it is still a gift" I don't remember his reply,  maybe he uttered something  in a hushed voice! The gist of my reply came from ~> Regina Brett's 90 Years Celebration of Growing Older ~ 42 points.

Yoga Gratitude Prayer

Excerpt from my diary 26 January 2013 ~> This morning I had the most beautiful yoga experience ever. I determined this day I would go with my own flow, to trust my inner Susan, to connect with my breath and feel my way forward. Thinking on the Sanskrit word  Ahimsa  and no self harm, no pushing myself to make up for lost time on account of not being well for the last eight weeks, I engaged my thoughts on gratitude for my renewed strength. This gratitude pervaded the whole practice that I felt deeply with each fullness of breath, each effortless movement as my limbs easily transitioned through the poses. As I stretched and relaxed into each posture spending time, breathing deeply, an emotion of appreciation and beauty entered and pervaded my entire Being, rising steadily throughout until towards the end of my time on the mat a crescendo of tears started to flow. I felt the most restful release. Tears started to flow, pent up tears from the ordeal of this la

Snow Blanket

Someone laid a snow blanket out here this cold morning,  it beckoned me beneath for solace and  succour. So, with hot-water bottle in hand  I slid  into the softness thinking about  love,  possibilities  and new moons! A snow blanket offers the mind a lair for protection and security, to slip into the solitude, to enter winter's wrap enveloped in this comfort. I'm biding my time here, in  my lair. My day will come,  my season,  and the snow blanket, it will melt,  and evaporate into  the ether. And I will be gone into the summer sun!

Awakening ~ A Brush with Vulnerability

There is nothing more sobering and haunting than coming across a deceased person's blog, especially if the post caption reads ~ Life is TOO Short ....! Now I'm looking back in time with this painful reminder ~ as from early December to late January, I experienced being trapped in some fearful sickly fog! Those days now quickly becoming a blur. I was loosing weight alarmingly, feeling nauseous with loss of energy, unable to perform the simplest task. Loss of coordination and blurry vision. Restless nights waking with sudden pain and anxiety, accompanied by hot and cold sweats, were just a few of the symptoms. At the doctor's orders an emergency ambulance transported me to hospital resulting in appointments for scary tests along with the excruciating wait of 21 days for biopsy results. Each of those 60 days illness seemed to last at least 60 hours long! Fast becoming a distant memory ~ Excerpt from diary ~ When the test results came back I spen

Joy Break

I had a five minute JOY break today,  here's what I came up with ~> My JOY might be a little bit scrambled at times, I tend to be a bit dyslexic you know, but the meaning is still the same which ever way you look at it. Really JOY is always plain to see if you stand back and observe!  Posting to  Sharing the Joy Thursday Meri's Musings

Weighted Down

Sometimes I feel weighted down, like I'm attached to a millstone, that's attached to my home, which sits by a, millrace. A millrace, sounds idyllic, it is, except ~> They have announced they are going to build the high speed bullet train-line within throwing distance of my home, which we were about to put on the market!!! We finally decided to sell our property after postponing for a few years because of other tangles only to find at the last minute the tangles have tightened!!!

From My Heart to Yours

I have been practising yoga for about six years, my practice has been consistent realizing early on the incredible value of these ancient holistic movements. I cannot extol the benefits enough! I came to yoga at a difficult phase in my life, when my adult daughter's serious mental health disorder surfaced. We became her sole carers.  Having had mental health issues of my own, mainly anxiety and depressive states, I needed something to help me cope. I'd heard how yoga exercise, (as I thought of it then) could help. Help it did in the most wonderful and beautiful ways! I am aware that yoga is more mainstream in some parts of the globe than others, here in the UK yoga is gaining ground at speed. I am going to be posting about my Yoga & Meditation journey, how it has been instrumental in both mine and my daughter's well being in the hope that it might encourage others. After six years I'm the first to admit I'm not the most knowledgeable, skilled

All Change

I'm introducing more colour into my life as signified by my new header, it has been grey for to~o~o long! Grey has a place I know, quite restful actually, a place to slow down and just Be, to contemplate, gain some perspective. Several natural awakenings have taken place through my 'ordeal', the time has come for change, some small changes, some tall, that is a 'tall order' for me, requiring a dash of brave commitment! I want to keep it simple, but yet meaningful, not bogged down with too much detail, the balance of simplicity and interest is my aim! Sundays I'm going to be talking about Yoga and my 'awakening', hope you will pop by! On the subject of simplicity and minimalism I'm ~> Linking with Bonnie and other photo artists at ~> Pixel Dust Photo-Art

Sixth Sense

They say dogs have a sixth sense , whilst ill this one hardly left my side, not only is he one in my circle of close friends   but he's my therapist too! and comes highly recommended ~>  PS whilst I'm doing baby pics I thought I'd do pets too, I'm lightening up a little ;~)x