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It's Time!

It's time to be here, here in these moody moments, wings unfurled, ready! I 'm back! It's been a long time. I' ve been here, there and everywhere literally and ethereally ~  ***  Actually I popped over the pond nearer to some of you folk a few weeks back for a bite of the Big Apple, it was delicious and will post some pics soon.  In my last post I spoke about being 'home' and yes I've moved into a temporary home which feels really comfy, I might be putting down roots, but the real me still longs for the coast, so just now I'm waiting on my intuition to kick in and reveal 'the place'!  Today when I think about home I'm thinking of my ethereal home here online, a place where I feel really comfy to express my inner most thoughts and feelings as I have done over the years through image and words and what better time to drop back into my ethereal world, now when there's so much magic about! I'm linking in with my old