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Going Home

As one good friend said about grieving, it's a time of "going within" and that's where I've been within my shell, waiting for things to naturally find their place, for my psyche to re-arrange., and now it's time to continue my story... Today I am, as another good friend put it"tying up loose ends", sifting and sorting getting ready for my new life... The government have promised to buy my property after a year of negotiation as they propose to build a new high speed train line just 100 yards from my front door! They, like the rest of 'officialdom ' are taking their time and I am at the last hurdle, learning much patience from this whole tortuous experience. For one year to-date I have had to plow through many obstacles during what must be the most painful time of grieving anyone can go through, that of losing my life long partner! But as my love used to say "it's an "ill wind that serves nobody any good" and