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My paper collage ' Mesmerize',  because this is what I am when   in the company of all the  beautiful, creative souls at Rebecca's blog For other 'paperlicious' posts visit recuerda mi corazon

Can't Help Playing with Light

Just a little rider to this post on how my new season look was created: Banner Five images were selected with similar hue and shade, resized to fit the banner area 830 x 300 pixels approx. Using Corel Photopaint software I skewed some of the images, adding perspective so they appear to come forward, after feathering I grouped them horizontally on the top of a base image. Skewed text was added as the final layer. The template was changed in Blogger using Simple template and  anzeletti .  template image.  I customised the look to suit the new autumn colours using the 'Advanced Settings', for anyone who hasn't tried, this is straight forward. Images Was captured using the macro button on my camera, the lens was pressed against a candle holder with see through glass decoration towards the light. Morning sun on area of water on my slate window ledge with reflection of blue glass vase.

Playing with Light

I mentioned earlier that I would be adding a new element to my blog entitled 'Lessons Learnt'  To that end I thought it would be a good idea if I could think of something that would visually express this idea?  My daughter came up with the visual - 'wise old owl' and between us we set about creating one. At this point I must say thank you to Monica of Bohemian Shadows for reminding me of an old technique called sgraffito which I used here: For a step by step guide on how to achieve this look visit  Bohemian Shadows . A Photographic -  No Digital Manipulation Texture: Here's something that fascinates me in photography, the play of light, the different effects light can produce with just a tilt of the object to be captured. To illustrate the difference I shot the same image in two different lights, the one here was taken indoors with the normal domestic light.  The second image that excites me the most, was taken on the window ledge in natural light,

Haiku my Heart

This is my first post linking to the beautiful blog of Rebecca at "recuerda mi corazon" I had never heard of the word haiku before but wanted to be part of the group that happens on Friday because such wonderful words and images are posted with lots of meaning.  So after Googling (although Rebecca does explain, I sort of missed it somehow!) this is my contribution, I think I've got the gist of it? The Beauty Beneath, Reflects the Beauty Above, A Cyclical Source!

Lessons Learnt #1 Believe

The other  day I mentioned my intention to add an element to my blog entitled 'Lessons Learnt'.  Well, number one lesson came almost immediately!  'Believe'.  You see after I wrote my blog I went off and started doubting myself, thinking who would be interested anyway?  No one will bother whether or not I write about lessons learnt.  I was wrong and was surprised that I had a comment so soon not only liking my idea, but said "count me in". On the same day before I looked at my blog I noticed from my kitchen widow a spider spinning her web, a fine specimen don't you think?  I just had to take a photograph, (yes I'm soon distracted from the kitchen sink these days) don't get me wrong it's not because I particularly enjoy natural history photography but the fact this spider seemed to be suspended in mid-air miles away from anything caught my attention!   Turning to my love I said "she's never spinning a web there is she?  It will never

Season of Change

Blog speak has been about changing seasons lately,  approaching colder days, nourishing food and snugly layers, speaking of which my attention became sharply focused on this as I sat blogging in the cool, wondering where my long, woollen winter cardigan had gone?  The one that covers my bottom and stops any cool air from contacting my thighs as I sit in the coldest room of the house until the Aga is permanently lit.  My usual trick is to have a thorough clearing out in spring of everything that makes me feel frumpy after the long winter, everything that hinders my intention to start the spring in style, only to regret it when autumn approaches and Jack Frost starts nipping again!  This year I was relieved to find it had been tucked away safe and sound for another blogging winter season! So I think I have learnt a lesson, one of many this year I hasten to add, the thought occurred to me that it might be useful to add a little section to my blog under the heading Lessons Learnt?  Why? T

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Last of the Summer Wine