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Haiku my Heart #26 Royal Heart Beat

country cottage stirs, feels strange throbbing pulsation,  Big Ben Beating Loud Wonder what's happening today? Visit Recuerda mi Corazon for haiku poetry

Joyful Anticipation

JOY, sat here thinking about  leaving the nest,  it's that time of year! The youngest of the brood left quite awhile ago now, but he's coming home next Wednesday for the last time! That is as a single man,  because come Friday 6th May he's going  to wed the beautiful Karen, here she is sewing  things for the  Big Day what a  JOY ! Sharing the JOY Thursday  Meri's Musings

Flower Frenzy Wednesday #2

 with love x

Rising Star

Just to prove  I'm not a 'one trick pony'  I digital doodle as well I'm a rising star!

Postcards from Paradise #6 Easter Wishes

I must confess to a little manipulation here! (\-/) (=';') (")_(")  happy easter  Visit  Recuerda mi Corazon for more postcards from paradise

Haiku my Heart #25 Heart Focused Haiku

Visit  Recuerda mi Corazon For Haiku my Heart Posts My yoga practice usually leaves me a little lighter,  this week we focused on  the  heart chakra  gratitude meditation, I left my class with  a feeling  of belonging to something greater than self! Often times when my mind is busy,  all thoughts running riot, I can feel overwhelmed,  I find sitting and focusing  on the breath soothing and comforting. Namaste (\-/) (=';') (")_(")  happy easter 

Wonderbubble #1

As you may have gathered I'm a little potty about photography! You might even say  addicted ... I can't face the day in-fact without sight of my little black box of tricks ... Take this morning for example, I have to finish my interior decorating task' this is a big blue S-I-G-H I've been putting it off  for months, but then from  the corner of my eye  I see this and so between coats  I go into another world the most wonderful antidote to ... decorating doldrums! W O N D E R B U B B L E

Postcards from Paradise #5 Stretching continued ...

Did I stretch a little too far? Postcards from Paradise or  Purgatory !!!   a coat of paint to brighten is in order I think,  I can balance on the ladder okay despite vertigo and a grazed knee, yes I can ....  good thing I did,  this little baby needs help, must be the second time this buzzy has been rescued today! back to the job then ... now for just deserts ...   Yes I did it, not so bad after all, I didn't overreach myself! H a p p y D a y s Postcards from Paradise to be found at Recuerda mi Corazon

Haiku my Heart #24 Stretching

Stretching the body and stretching the perception, =  flexibility Yesterday I fell and grazed my knee  in the market place, I got to think about my  yoga practice, had my stance been more  'rigid' the damage could have been much worse, makes you think! Visit  Recuerda mi Corazon for more haiku thoughts

Ring that Bell

Ding a ling a ling, share the JOY of spring, RING THAT BELL! for more flora JOY visit Meri's Musings

Flower Frenzy Wednesday

After the harsh winter we've had it's such a thrill  to see this flowering shrub, our cottage being in a  hollow tends to get hit hard by Mr Frost, these little beauties are very resilient ... So I'm off to the nursery for more, we have two acres of ground to cover! Plus I hate weeding!

A Little Light Introspection

Noticing ... light shafts shifting shade leading to a light introspection do you see  these shifting shafts of light, illuminating life? Yuri Gagarin 12th April 1961 First man to venture into space 50 years ago today, true explorers pushing the boundaries!

Dreaming of Moo

Longhorn Cattle Hardwick Park  Daisy in Dishwater  New Crockery  Bliss Bubble Babble