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The Aurora

Jamie, of Jamie Ridler Studios finds  the most beautiful and inspirational videos Treat yourself  to two minutes of heaven ~ The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo .

Digital Spring Playground

Playing  with   Spring My digital playground

Haiku my Heart #21 Fine Focus

Law of Attraction... careful what you focus on, for you will attract! Well I had to get that  upside-down shot! for more attractive hearts visit Recuerda mi Corazon

Finding the Joy Thursday

Setting Sail with my camera To strange  and beautiful lands   Wherever the Muse takes me.... To share more Joy this Thursday  Visit Meri's Musings

Double Take

Was I dreaming .... did I really catch a glimpse of spring? Or was it wash day wishing! There's something in the air!

Postcards from Paradise #3

HEARTS  are  gathering, gaining ground, one touches one WORLD SPINS ROUND Beautiful Hearts  of Aquatic Angels are gaining ground in their QUEST  to Help the Healing   Japan Join the gathering! More Postcards from Paradise can be found at Recuerda mi Corazon

Full Worm Moon Dreamboard 2011

It is reported  the moon is closer to the earth than it has been  for eighteen years. Bright and Beautiful for Dreaming under .... I'm dreaming of days softly passing, living one moment at a time, taking in all the beauty, caring, sharing ....  Visit  Jamie Ridler Studios for more dreamers

Haiku my Heart #20 Thinking ....

Praying for Japan Hearts Stretching Around the Globe Touches Rising Sun  Shelter Box Visit Recuerda mi Corazon for more Haiku Poetry that touches the heart Red Cross

Prayers for Japan ~ Ikebana

My communication today is tied in with  this Poignant Ikebana image~  With kind permission from Kathryn,    I thought you might like to share our communication  ~ Comment to Kathryn ~ This post has arrested my attention:  This image would serve as a beautiful tribute for the recent disaster.   When I look at the image I see the global turmoil, the swirling of it all, in our minds too, and the helpless situation we all feel towards the Japanese. The beautiful flower offering is yours and ours to give showing our shared caring.  I have never studied Ikebana, but these images are very poignant today!  Yes, I learned of the tsunami after posting this arrangement and I was stunned. This arrangement as you have pointed out is a beautiful tribute to a culture that I admire so much. The water in this style of arrangement is very important. Hmmmm. Man must never forget how powerful nature is. We are visitors and stewards on this planet. Each ikebana arrangement tells the

Haiku my Heart #19 Expanding Dreams

New Miniature Bag Expanding Dream Container Hangs Lightly on Heart  For more Dear Hearts and  Haiku Poetry Visit Recuerda mi Corazon

Sailing into Joy

Sometimes we're feeling it, sometimes we're not ... Sometimes our boat has slipped right into the doldrums without our knowing or even run aground! No matter how we heave and push we're going nowhere, we know we must wait, wait for the moment. For we know that just as we slipped into the gloom, we will effortlessly slip away,  in a moment. In the blinking of an eye  winds will change direction, the tide will turn and off we go sailing into JOY Visit  Share the Joy Thursday @ Meri's Musings

Journey to Self

Today I found myself wondering again about my artistic expression, this happens periodically. When I was younger I thought art was art you either like to draw, paint, sculpt etc. end of story! NO beginning of story for me beginning of journey beginning of ongoing enquiry !!! Although I have always been creative, it used to remain mostly in the areas of  design, technique. I may have been subliminally conscious of something other, something that separates it from the purely decorative, but it hadn't dawned on me that there was a difference! That it was up to me to discover what that difference was, and why it mattered, matters for me !!!

Morning Worship

Awareness ... focus ... silence ... Bliss

Post Cards from Paradise #2

Grey upon Grey, but then from nowhere, slipping in unannounced Glory upon Glory! 'An Appearance'  Streaming Sunlight shining on my canvas wall I had to paint ... I became intoxicated! For more Postcards from Paradise Visit Recuerda mi Corazon

Snap Shots of Saturday

Me and my Pooches just lazing around nothing in particular to do but a little mutual admiration ... .... these are for the Big Day!!!

Haiku my Heart #18 Vortex of Love

A Vortex of Love Ever Swirling towards Peace Passionate Pass-time Digital Photo-Art by foxysue for more haiku poetry visit Recuerda mi Corazon

Joining the Joy of the Laundry Line

Yes I think we ladies  are connected at a deeper level somehow, watching those sails blowing ... For More JOYous posts Visit  Meri's Musing

Shedding Light on Art

fine focus needed, ingenuity called for, shedding light on art .... Yes I needed as much light as possible, my love came to the rescue ... shining more light on these little babies it's been awhile, fine art yes, but getting that thread through the  'eye' is like coaxing the  proverbial 'camel' these days! with the help of these two lovelies  daughter & daughter in law to be, we came up with these ~ they're going to be name placement tags for the wedding of my son  James to Karen Friday, 6th May 2011