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Wednesday wondering

baby fox still in the pod ...... counting down to the  .......  revealing ..... Boy or girl.  Blonde, brunette, redhead, curly, straight or somewhere in-between. ???

She sails ....

. She shadow sails through her window   upon  a mystical  jade tide,  and sun does soothe her,  dipping behind a meandering mind, lighting up fragments of possibility. Sailing to ~ Postcards from Paradise Recuerda mi Corazon

Weekly Practice

Taking a cue from Kim the Queen of Arts   I got to thinking how Haiku Friday energizes me too, like my yoga practice....... Inhale the Vision, exhale the Poetical, resting in Love Prose. Thanks to Rebecca who lovingly provides weekly practice...... Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

Simple Joy kinda Girl

The sun finally came to visit our shores. Focused on outdoor flora, after what seems like an eternity of indoor still-life. Returned to the mat, breathing and stretching, felt oh so good. My love won an ebay auction bid for 20 bars of Damana Olive Oil soap, it's super kind to my skin and is only supplied so select hotels! Nothing spectacular, simple joys, then I'm just a simple joy kinda girl! Checking in with other Joy sharers at Meri's Musings

Made it on Monday

The feeling ~ fatigued by ongoing overwhelm. Intention ~ love myself more,  stretching and breathing, trusting and believing. “Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom. How do they learn it? They fall and falling, they're given wings.”  ~ Rumi

Call for Sunbeams

Sun sensitive heart,  stirred by a stream of sunbeams, causes colour rush! . Linking with  Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon  

Reality Check-In

Dark & Dank  ~ still cold  rain dashes pink blossom also dashes my hopes of a spring get-away Celeste our old camper-van in need of some TLC rust worm has attacked her over winter caught sight of a dead badger- those pesky blighter speeding motorists! Light & Fluffy ~ big full moon baby fox to be born soon shawl nearly finished just the fringing to do the days I'm counting only a few! light mornings followed by  light evenings makes for a  light spirit being settled by warm words spoken by  soft souls with kind hearts. Linking with Monica  for  Friday's 'Keeping it Real'

My Friday Feeling

That Friday feeling ~ where in the world will I roam ? to haiku-ing hearts << of course >> Recuerda mi Corazon   wishing all a lovely weekend :~)

Joy of Joys

I have posted this art before, I'm posting it again! because of the absolute  JOY  it brings me  whenever I look at it! Yes it was digitally composed and yes,  because of the abundance of digital images some would not consider it art or give it a second glance. But this is one of my all-time favourite creations,  here is why I love it ~  I was at one,  totally absorbed  in the creation! The intuitive feeling that the original image (a photo) would  become something more, something other, a layer of different meaning,  I didn't know what that meaning was at the time but trusted that it would reveal itself to me,  and so it did after my random manipulations!  ~ Looking down at my creation here is what I saw ~ I was one of the two birds, I had flown to a faraway  place now hovering over a sun-drenched coastline, the sun reflecting beams of light into the air, the other bird was a friend, a native,  who had risen to greet me.

More tea vicar....?

I've been reading, it's been a while since I picked up a spiritual book, but felt the need to do so, as I do from time to time. I'm a take the essence of the content if it resonates kind of person, rather than set in stone absolutes. Once on my journey I opted for the whole story which led me to spiritual shipwreck when their absolutes were at odds with my truth. This was a most painful experience. That was a longtime ago, lessons have been learnt, so I look for the essence, today I have been reading about the impermanence of all things this being a fundamental base for Buddhist teaching. I'm not about to become a Buddhist, as I say  I look for the essence, the wisdom,  not the complete way. Thinking about impermanence though,  I wonder why it is, given that the nature of all things is subject to change, why are we so resistant? Our nature is one of habit, habitual behaviour, so hard to break? My morning

Keeps Spinning Around

 steps in the circle one foot after the other  keeps spinning around  I've been fixated with spirals lately, you may have noticed? There is something about the shape, continuity, fluidity, motion...... and more. When I doodle this is the shape I return to........ Listening to Chill Radio, as I often do whilst in the zone with my spirals I notice the lyrics ~  And I've learnt how to play it with one foot in front of the other and there's no way to win it we all just spin around and around . Tom Baxter Lyrics You know how it is you hear half of the lyrics,  the more you listen the more the words surface, you have a aha moment,  you think yes that's it,  you align with the sentiment, it resonates........ Downward Cycle ~ rain and more rain, cold too fear of flooding again after the rain bouts of insomnia alopecia flare-up Upward Cycle ~ sigh when flood was averted  yellow rapeseed field thro

All in My Stride

Now I have the painting done I'll get down to some real artwork! I take my JOY very seriously :~) Share the Joy Thursday with Meri's Musings