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A Winged Haiku

Winged things on my mind bringing messages of peace but mostly of TRUST #Artistsforlove   is an on-line movement where the overriding principle is one of love and belonging to which I am happy to add my name....   Also linking with Haiku my Heart ~ the Home of inclusion. Recuerda mi Corazon  

Shadow Land & Spontaneity

Usually in photography I practice the concept of noticing the moments and what arises and arrives spontaneously as opposed to a staging experience i.e. purposefully choosing a subject to capture. Picking up the camera when something hits my radar of perception is second nature and this in turn mostly leads to the pleasurable treasures of intuitive photography.  Recently due to the exceptional brilliance of the autumn sun through my windows there have been lots of opportunities to capture the clarity of shadows or their subtlety for that matter! Shadow photography is a favourite form of imaging for me.  However, I wanted to make the shots a little more defined for added interest so this lead me to try manufacturing the outcome, or in other words staging!  This doesn't come naturally to me during a photography experience for it touches on the subject of control, taking me out of the comfort zone of going with a meditative flow and into the area of thinking or a cognitive interrup

The Light of Haiku

Nothing's black & white all a matter of shading as filtered by light... I love a bit of black and white, clear cut lines of thought, no clutter, yes this is appealing to me at the moment!   Wanting to see my way clearly through the hazy outlines of reality, the grey shaded areas of dense not knowing! I  should have known life is not really like that at all but a multiplex of every shade imaginable!  What I need is the light of wisdom to discern! To qualify the preceding! I'm feeling lost and overwhelmed by my current situation! I have put all of my eggs into one basket by concentrating my efforts on finding a new home for myself at the expense of my spiritual creative practice! Today I decided to take stock and bring myself here to the place where I know that losing myself in the moment with creative exploration will yield results which on this occasion was a black and white image based haiku. Being in a place of not knowing can be scary and being

The Reading Room & The Epiphany

Visiting the Welsh coast the other week we came upon a gorgeous quaint 'Reading Room' on the seafront.  I wasn't quite sure whether or not to enter as it looked private but had the words 'Please close the door' posted outside so this told me otherwise, I bravely stepped inside to find the most unusual public reading room, just like someone's parlour with stunning ocean views. What a wonderful community facility I thought imagining myself getting comfy in the armchair by the window reading some mysterious seaside adventure novel.  This dedicated reading room made me think about the power of words and writing... Did you ever fall in love with a few little words that tumbled out of the blue sparking off some random synapse connections giving you that 'aha' feeling? An epiphany that perfectly encapsulates something hidden, some concept that up until that point you only knew intuitively, that you had never joined the dots before? I heard such a sent

Holy Hush

Grounded in Haiku Comforted in Connection Conjures Holy Hush Linking with ~> Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

On Need & Energy

I have a need... I have a need within that feels like it's going to jump right out of my chest if I don't find a way of bringing forth it's yearning via some creative form.  I'm never sure if it wants to be poetry, prose or pictures, usually one spurs the other but if it is not acted upon it builds in intensity that feels so uncomfortable... I turn to my photo files for inspiration as I'm feeling doubtful at this point, being in a low frame of mind, doubtful of my own ability to create!  Did I ever create anything worthy of putting out there I ask myself? Of course I needn't worry for everything is there, every click of the shutter recorded, every moment I birthed some magic from my lens, I see it anew with the same sense of awe and wonder as if it was yesterday, and so today I can do the same. I can recreate the blissful state that nourishes at will... It's not surprising that I have this craving to create, that I feel this way, it is an inbuilt


"I don't know why people expect art to make sense,  when they accept the fact that life doesn't make sense."     David Lynch - City of Absurdity . Sometimes it's good to escape into abstraction, the place where you can just be... There doesn't have to be a reason just an intuition that your are in the right place, on the right track.... It doesn't have to make sense to anyone including yourself, it's all about the feeling of oneness and spontaneity with the work itself as it is working itself out, or freeing the thing that dwells deep within, a surfacing of that unique expression, the voice that is yours.

~ Pondering ~ 'Meant to Be' ~

Messy, LIFE IS MESSY I thought pondering back over the events of the weekend when my 4 year old granddaughter's disapproving face said it all as she looked on at her new brother's first 'messy' nappy! I laughed at her innocence but got to thinking why do we find it so hard to accept the messy-ness of life? Why is our natural inclination set to the default of wanting everything to be just so? I will admit to having the perfectionist, idealist gene but I'm wondering if it is a genetic inheritance or something learned from childhood, social conditioning etc?   When I moved into my current home I felt this place was 'meant to be' although I knew it was only to be a temporary home as my real dream lay by the coast somewhere but for the time being things were as good as they could be for I had everything I needed here in this my sanctuary.  I felt really secure and peaceful in this tiny flat perched in a treetop canopy, I could take as long as I needed

Norwegian Dreamscape Expanded

Meditation Morn My Dreamscape Meanderings Heavenly pass~time  I rose early the first morning at dawn, although I'm not sure if it was dawn really as Norway is after all the land of the midnight sun!  Anyway it was an exceptional time to experience the fjords we were told so I crept out of the cabin, being careful not to disturb my sleeping partner and up onto the open deck.   I was the first to appear, only the staff were out arranging the loungers. What a wonderful feeling almost alone on this massive liner feeling totally in awe of both my traveling home and the deep fjord waters we were slipping silently through. I climbed up the stairs to the highest deck and stood in absolute amazement at the sheer beauty of this place, I thought I could hear some kind of faint mysterious musical notes, to this day I'm still not sure whether this was my imagination going into overdrive at the whole mystical experience or a distant melody carrying through on the air.

Norwegian Dreamscape

Hello Petals, I'm back from the most beautiful of experiences ever.... As a child I sat spell bound in my classroom listening to the teacher's description of far-away places where  rivers flowed through mountain passes by means of some strange sounding water-way ~  the fjords, I visited the land of my dreams ~ Norwegian Dreamscape ~ Dawn has me breathless, awed and silenced, standing  in reverence  I slip seamlessly through Slipping seamlessly through  this watery dreamscape where bliss moments rise and merge with the blue Bliss moments merging into timeless reflections in this beautiful dreamscape  I'm suspended, I stare, I see seven sisters falling over rocky hard places rushing cascading then vanish in mid ~ air All bow in respect for the vanishing ladies, the rocky hard places,  the Divine hand that hewed this beautiful dreamscape  where  my spirit is floating  like  some  slow motion movie I glide silently though Like the disappea


This thing called grief, what is it ?     Is it something to fight and conquer or subdue like it's an enemy wanting to hold you down, keep you in it's grip, stifle the life out of you? This is how I have been feeling, like I am held down and captive from fully engaging with life, and yet, there is this ~> Tinkling, there is this faint awareness of something out there, or perhaps within, or maybe both but it is always there wanting to connect... It is both magical and mystical in nature and I know it can become tangible, these days it is mostly elusive but as long as it calls to me I know I am alive! It is somewhat like the siren calls of mystical mermaids in Greek mythology, beautiful and alluring but perhaps with a hint of risk attached. I have some clues where this thing dwells it can be found in the filtered light coming through some open door or window ~> Today I came across this beautiful video through an open window, a chance meeting in my life, a co

Starting anew, again

  The need to release is here, the time to say, to give vision a voice to honour the now ~>                      It is two years since my dreams came to a halt, when my expanding dream container got closed tight, so tight like it was sealed and I hadn't the strength to open it... It is still closed but I see the beauty of it alluring me, it is close to my heart nestled upon the silken threads that are covering a place that yearns to breathe free and easy so as to retrieve something lost, something precious, but constrained.  A strange thing happened today, someone knocked on my door asking who owned the field behind my home as there was a sheep stranded and bleating with it's head trapped between the barbed wire. I was able to point her in the right direction for the sheep's release I'm glad to say but instantly I, being at a heightened emotional state became overwhelmed by the plight of the sheep and turned it upon myself imagining that I was the sheep p

A Time for everything

fearless photographs turning up just as you are hidden heart revealed I have been away from my regular practice of blogging from the heart for quite a while now. Since my love passed away my heart has been broken in so many ways and has felt quite numb at times so my photography and posting has been sporadic, and yet, I still have this yearning within to express, be heard and be seen.... For the artist this is something that cannot be denied as it starts to build up around the heart wanting to be released out into the world of community, so I make my offering, it is a self-portrait, not a usual self-portrait that you would expect but a symbolic one a reflective mood of the time through my kitchen window.  These images are part of a series that were taken when my love was suffering in hospital, I found solace in those difficult days through photography but the images were raw and I had to keep them concealed, concealing my broken heart.  I haven't been able to make th

An Easter Gift is ~

A dearest spring friend weaving her words to bring comfort, love personified... Whatever the season I'm always grateful for my online friends, I wish everyone a very Happy Easter. Linking with ~ Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

The Dark Path

Luminous stalwarts light the darkened path before, love's surrounding me... I'm not sure if I've used this image before but no matter I love it so I'm going to put my spin on it today.  What it is throwing up for me, how it expresses my mood, how it serves as a tool for meditation and the creative flow.  Yes this is the great thing about fine art photography it becomes a medium for self-expression at any time...   From personal meditation and visiting wise words on-line this inspirational phrase keeps circulating in my head "we are exactly where we need to be in the moment".  This concept is not something new to me I came across it a while ago, the notion of being exactly where I need to be at any given moment in my life! Previously I'd always thought I had or should have control over my life and therefor could work things out, my destiny was self-made. Nowadays I realize just how little control we really have... What the picture throw

Tears & The gift of the Empath

Feminine Empath softness is her secret strength like driven white snow Like the driven snow she covers, shields & protects whilst charging her love Charged with love's strong surge dormant seeds of power rise giving birth to hope Birthing seeds of hope Love Divine purposed her role ~ Feminine Empath My last haiku post was a difficult one, I couldn't even formulate the simple 5~7~5 syllable content with accuracy for my mind was elsewhere... In the past when my spirits were more buoyant and I had a certain sense of 'C'est la vie' towards the hiccups that came my way haiku poems dripped from the pen like sweet nectar flowing.  I spoke of the 'lean' times in my post as being part of the journey for lesson learning, and so the beauty that has accompanied these days of uncertainty has found it's way in the shedding of much pent-up emotions, unleashed by the empathetic words of sweet sisters. The true role of the

Each New Day

Each new day a gift is waiting to be embraced I'm shaken & stirred Today is Haiku my Heart day, I had an image I've been playing around with but no words wanted to keep my picture company.... I do want to keep my blog alive it's been a good friend to me over the years but lately inspiration has been lean.  This I suppose is all part of the journey and so I wait for brighter days...  Thank you Rebecca for your lovely words today, they inspired my haiku.  Joining Haiku my Heart once again ~  Recuerda mi Corazon

Starting anew & love links

I'm starting anew just twenty four hours a day one day at a time ... This has been the most difficult period yet since my love passed. I never knew how hard work grieving could be, it was just a word!  I thought it would be a process to get through not one that would keep re-surfacing in stronger, blacker surges... I recently had a lovely gift of words from my on-line sister friend who encouraged me via 'Wild Woman Mystery Cards' to take a stand with myself and acknowledge my power... Yes I did vow to be a 'warrior woman' I remember ~   Warrior Woman Detour  but this trial has brought me to the ground... The wise card spoke about realizing our place in the world and turning our own power into action... So I am starting anew taking some small action daily as my friend encouraged  to "let my power lead".  I have never given up on myself as each morning I am blessed with the most beautiful sunrises in my new abode which always reminds me to be g