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Alice, in wonderland ...

Dreaming of blossom   
and flowers
and springtime
and love ...
Clean cotton sheets,
'neath candlewick bedspread,
wide open window,
God up above ...
Netting blows
in warm fragrant breeze,
father whistling,
my world at ease ...
Mama's soft fingers
gently thumbing through curls,
peepers close tight,
dreaming unfurls
Beautiful  Alice
 April's Perpetual Petal
(would have been 90 years today)


Charlotte said…
Beautiful Mama - I remember, she always had Smarties for Me and my Brother. Love always.....
rebecca said…
you have taken me to the center of a your heart.
of sweet words...kind photographs and a mother's love
This is a beautiful tribute to your mother, Sue my dear. She was a lovely woman and I can see such a resemblance between the two of you. The love you have for her and the security she gave you is palpable. Thank you for sharing this memory.
joco said…
You are so inventive in your images.
She would have been proud of you for many reasons, not least for the tribute today.

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