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Do You Believe?

Do you believe? Believe in the moment? Believe in the power of the moment? All of those words where did they go I asked? those wise words, those very wise words? I wanted to organise them, to keep them secure, I didn't want to lose them, they were so precious. I felt insecure for fear of losing those words, for fear of maybe losing myself? My hard earned self? I became confused, lost and afraid! What was I to do I wondered? I knocked on my door,  I asked, what to do? A small voice whispered BELIEVE 'believe in the power of the moment', I listened, I believe! These are my musings on  taking in information, on absorbing things that resonate with me,  that they go down into the well springs  and remain there until needed? Until needed to be drawn upon. I have been feeling an inclination  to trust lately, to trust that what is needed will be there in the moment? What do you believe? For more musings Visit Stumbling towards Ecstasy  Recuerda mi Corazon

Haiku my Heart #13 Out of Focus

View out of focus ... World's been turning upside down calls for clarity For more haiku poetry  visit Recuerda mi Corazon

Haiku my Heart #12 Blossom

Blossom of my loins laughter for a heavy heart chase away the day .... Today has been a heavy day,  I have had a heavy heart, my haiku is late, load was lightened by  laughter, sharing,  caring  For more haiku poetry  visit Recuerda mi Corazon

Stumbling towards ecstasy at Hardwick Hall

Hardwick Hall  More Glass than Wall Side entrance to my neighbour's house. Click to see her initials on the balustrade?  Side view of front entrance, her horse  dismounting platform in the foreground. View from her front entrance,  looking towards my cottage  just beyond the ponds. Much stumbling towards ecstasy has, and does go on here! All will be revealed! Visit  Recuerda mi Corazon for more stumbling ecstasy

Haiku my Heart #11 Words

Words abandoned me, they wouldn't come out to play! I wait in silence. excerpt from My Book of Belief ~ foxysue For more haiku poetry  visit ~ Recuerda mi Corazon

Bliss Bubble Monday Reminiscing

Monday was always wash day This was the very same washing machine we had in our kitchen, The Hotpoint Empress, not the Princess,  but the pretty impressive Empress! Largest washing machine on the street, so mum said! It had a very big, black agitator in the middle swishing the clothes round. First delicate whites, next white sheets, next colours, last dad's mucky pit clothes!  I loved the little door  to the house underneath! It was a storage area for all associated wash-day paraphernalia.  I nearly fitted  inside that house, as I remember! I also remember my very best friend Elaine, she got her wrist stuck in the mangle,   putting her fingers where she oughtn't when mum had her back turned, she ended up at the doctors!  The Empress sat next to the pot sink, it doubled up as a counter where I was sat at night to get rubbed down after my bath! H A P P Y D A Y S

Sunday St-u-m-b-l-i-n-g towards Ecstasy

Take a little Chill Radio A Good Book A Camera And VoilĂ  ... there I go again .... stumbling towards ECSTASY

A Stroll around my Neighbourhood

Did you know? I have a famous neighbour? Though she's not actually alive now, least, not on this plane! We often go round by my neighbour's house, it's just over the hedge from my back garden. One of the things my neighbour's house  is famous for is it's windows. When the house was built late 16th century, windows and glass were a luxury, in fact you might say  they were as valuable as gold! Golden Windows! Today we had a leisurely stroll through our neighbour's garden it was beautiful,  as the golden evening sun  hit the ice water on one of the  seven ponds. Next Sunday I'll show the entrance to our neighbour's house.

Comfort for Carola - Haiku my Heart 10

When the 'I' is hurt, body rushes for repose, seeks a 'healing salve'? Please visit Carola    and last two posts for full story also   Recuerda mi Corazon

I'm Painting a Rainbow

It has been so,so grey here in the UK today .... no wonder we're all suffering from  SAD seasonal affective disorder  lack of light, lack of colour, all goes to make us SAD So I have decided I'm making my own light, my own colour, I'm going to paint a rainbow of colours:  RED  YELLOW PINK BLUE ORANGE PURPLE GREEN there, I feel much better now! xxx

Ordinary Moments

Rebecca speaks of ordinary moments ... in my most ordinary moments at the kitchen sink say ... I'm transported somewhere else ... somewhere a little less ordinary, less familiar, the moments become extraordinary, the moments turn to magic ... I see the familiar  with 'fresh eyes' it's  COSMIC BTW All images are SOOC (straight out of the camera) Stumbling towards Ecstasy Why not stumble over there yourself?
I'm forming a  white flower chain with Rebecca and Cinda and Annie