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Minding the Gap

Let go of struggling resolve to find clarity  flee from one's own head   Though I was a keen knitter years ago  I couldn't master this loopy stitch pattern this week, instead I was turning loopy myself!  It had a strangle hold over me. For two hours or so I determined to  think it through,  struggling the technique formula, finally failing dismally  I pulled the whole lot off the needles in frustration!  I went away, left the struggle,  but a curious thing then happened as I stood with a quiet mind  clarity and resolution  appeared , fully formed! Much the same as struggling with anything in life I find getting out of one's own head  allows for clarity!   They call it 'minding the gap'. Linking with Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

Truly Grateful

For what I received I am most truly grateful Haiku Forever! Checking back I realise it is now over two years since I posted my first haiku. It has been a wonderful journey, one that has brought richness and wonder to my Fridays. Meeting new creative minded individuals has been a  blessing for which I am Truly Thankful. Also grateful to the inspirational Rebecca who lovingly provides a place for us to gather. xxx                                                                                                                                     Quote from Rumi  Linking with Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

Tree Pose ~ Food for Thought

I am a tree which stands by the path you tread. If you can learn something from me stay awhile, I cannot take you my way because my roots are in my own piece of ground, and my branches reach up to my own personal sky. If you wish to lean against me for some time and warm in the sun which filters through my leaves, then share my stillness and become one with me. Don't stay too long or part of yourself will become lost within me. Do not take one of my branches to use as a prop, for even I am unaware of which are strong or weak. In looking at me, reflect in what you didn't know and make it your own truth. I will not impede the path you tread but I hope I have helped to make your journey worthwhile. ~ Barbara Griggs Pondering ~>  This poem was quoted during yoga practice last week, to me it speaks very loudly.  In reviewing my life's paths, I have chanced upon various tree-like individuals and organisation that have gifted me in many way

Her Legacy

Seems strange that on the week I decided at last to re-glue 'My Book of Belief', posted about here   'Coming Unstuck' That the person who inspired me to make this book passed away. It also seems strange that I should at the same time be reading another of her motivational books 'End the Struggle and Dance with Life. There have been many women who have inspired me here on-line and in book-form, Susan Jeffers being one. She is renowned world-wide for the up-beat way she deals with life's emotional struggles, bringing bite-size chunks of practical wisdom to the fore. One reason why her work appeals to me is that from what I read she did not pretend to 'know' or speculate about the big questions in life such as 'where we came from', 'why we are here', or 'where we will go', in-fact like me, she took refuge and rest in the 'don't know' but at the same time enthused about the Grand-Design of it all. Su


A river flowed through me today, I noticed it as sun's shimmer danced on fragments of autumn, threads, just hanging, dangling, waiting to be noticed enticing me to play. Feeling the pull of the river, the flow, I stayed for a while until light faded. Meanwhile a restful haze surfaced revealing subtle creations of the mind, only detected by those who allow the river to flow. Linking with that Joyous Movement over at ~> Meri's Musings

Gently Gently...

One of those Mondays, things lined up.......... I had planned for yoga and a long overdue groom for the fur-boys, but I was stuck.......... something was gluing me to a place of stillness, I've experienced this 'stuck-feeling' before, I've learned to take notice of this feeling and the message its sending to me, to listen to that small voice from within, the one that knows the core of me, that sometimes I need to just be. It has been a day of noticing subtlety, gentleness, I needed this too, to be gentle with myself. I have learned over the years that I suffer from stimulation over-load and that I need to defuse this situation. I've learned that when everything is gearing you up to say 'Yes to the Universe' just sometimes you have to say No, not at the moment! Have you found this yourself, days when everything seems too loud, too brash, too stressful?  You want to switch the world off!  The more I move with gentle souls both here on-line and

Dancing the Moments Between Raindrops

Rain is part of life, being able to spontaneously dance between the storms or showers is not always easy, it can't always be choreographed. Last night I was thrilled to experience 'Tango Motion' at my home town venue The Winding Wheel.  It was a a red-hot affair featuring two of the world's leading Tango dancers plus musicians Tango Siempre with Argentinean singer Guillermo Rozenthuler!  The passion arousing moves from the Buenos Aires traditional through to Nuevo Tango made a powerful impact on me. The history of the dance was revealed through movement, music and narrative.  Although the choreographed sequences were beautifully executed I was utterly smitten by the improvised or unrehearsed performance, where the female's role is to anticipate the male's lead.  The narrator explained this to be the pinnacle of Tango which relied upon years of practice by the dancers. The female being very sensitive to the male's every leaning and slightest