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Grief Story on the Hoof ~ Entry 8

Simply Hanging In ~ . foxy bides her time hanging in there on the rail dreaming of Mr fox A friend asked about self-care, how was I caring for myself? The answer is simple, I look through the lens,  I line up some lusciousness, I click and create a story, I edit, and then sometimes I haiku my story  ~ simply,  syllables,  five seven five! I Haiku my Heart ~ Recuerda mi Corazon

Grief Story on the Hoof ~ Entry 7

The Robin & Coming Undone ~ Apparently one of the many emotional states one may go through in grieving is the feeling you are going Mad , this is a very frightening feeling that I identify with.  This may arise as being confused about your own beliefs, strong beliefs that may now start to melt in the light of your experience.  One of the hardest things about this whole episode is that I now have to look myself squarely in the eye and ask if all of my grandiose words about connection to the Divine still hold water! There is much talk of 'authenticity' and now I find I'm asking myself questions about my core beliefs, what has now surfaced under extreme pressure? How do I truly feel about my connection to the Divine?  I must admit lately this yoking has seemed tenuous and there have been times when my own words have come unstuck and looked like they may have been dissolved down the universal plug-hole!  The day a robin flew into the house window is an example

Grief Story on the Hoof ~ Entry 6

A Simple Message ~ ♥ draw anew each day . intention to play softly in the light of love ♥ Over here in the UK a brand new series of Grand Designs is being aired on TV.  Last night I was immersed into a world of serenity when a new build featured an authentic Japanese room, created to transport the occupants back home.  The simple and minimal layout with soft traditional elements immediately conveyed peace.  It wasn't just the beautiful design features that impacted my senses but I felt such a longing to be in that space, environment, to experience a life for a time free of clutter both physical and mental.  I have been trying to clear my love's garage and my home of anything that is not useful or necessary for I need to move away. I have been working non-stop to keep the place presentable so that when the time is right I will be ready to go, I'm waiting for a buyer.  I have a garden the size of a small park which needs lots of attention so I am wearing

Grief Story on the Hoof ~ Entry 5

Abstract ~ Slipping Away . I just realized it is ten days since I posted, I don't like this thought of life galloping away from me whilst feeling time-warped! I was counting the days since my love passed, it came to a hundred and nineteen but seems like only yesterday compared to the few score days he was ill, this felt like an eternity of suffering. I have this photo of him taken not long before he passed, you can see he is really sick but he has the most beautiful expression on his face. I talk to it often and kiss it, or should I say 'I talk to him often' for I swear he is still breathing, I can feel him... This is what scares me the most, the slipping away of him, some days I try to visualize him, each of his body parts, they are clear, right down to the little brown spot under his foot. The hardest thing is remembering his voice, the tone, if only I had recorded it. He would always sing first thing of a morning when his voice was more gravelly I do re

Arranging roses, light & leaves...