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The Dark Path

Luminous stalwarts light the darkened path before, love's surrounding me... I'm not sure if I've used this image before but no matter I love it so I'm going to put my spin on it today.  What it is throwing up for me, how it expresses my mood, how it serves as a tool for meditation and the creative flow.  Yes this is the great thing about fine art photography it becomes a medium for self-expression at any time...   From personal meditation and visiting wise words on-line this inspirational phrase keeps circulating in my head "we are exactly where we need to be in the moment".  This concept is not something new to me I came across it a while ago, the notion of being exactly where I need to be at any given moment in my life! Previously I'd always thought I had or should have control over my life and therefor could work things out, my destiny was self-made. Nowadays I realize just how little control we really have... What the picture throw

Tears & The gift of the Empath

Feminine Empath softness is her secret strength like driven white snow Like the driven snow she covers, shields & protects whilst charging her love Charged with love's strong surge dormant seeds of power rise giving birth to hope Birthing seeds of hope Love Divine purposed her role ~ Feminine Empath My last haiku post was a difficult one, I couldn't even formulate the simple 5~7~5 syllable content with accuracy for my mind was elsewhere... In the past when my spirits were more buoyant and I had a certain sense of 'C'est la vie' towards the hiccups that came my way haiku poems dripped from the pen like sweet nectar flowing.  I spoke of the 'lean' times in my post as being part of the journey for lesson learning, and so the beauty that has accompanied these days of uncertainty has found it's way in the shedding of much pent-up emotions, unleashed by the empathetic words of sweet sisters. The true role of the

Each New Day

Each new day a gift is waiting to be embraced I'm shaken & stirred Today is Haiku my Heart day, I had an image I've been playing around with but no words wanted to keep my picture company.... I do want to keep my blog alive it's been a good friend to me over the years but lately inspiration has been lean.  This I suppose is all part of the journey and so I wait for brighter days...  Thank you Rebecca for your lovely words today, they inspired my haiku.  Joining Haiku my Heart once again ~  Recuerda mi Corazon

Starting anew & love links

I'm starting anew just twenty four hours a day one day at a time ... This has been the most difficult period yet since my love passed. I never knew how hard work grieving could be, it was just a word!  I thought it would be a process to get through not one that would keep re-surfacing in stronger, blacker surges... I recently had a lovely gift of words from my on-line sister friend who encouraged me via 'Wild Woman Mystery Cards' to take a stand with myself and acknowledge my power... Yes I did vow to be a 'warrior woman' I remember ~   Warrior Woman Detour  but this trial has brought me to the ground... The wise card spoke about realizing our place in the world and turning our own power into action... So I am starting anew taking some small action daily as my friend encouraged  to "let my power lead".  I have never given up on myself as each morning I am blessed with the most beautiful sunrises in my new abode which always reminds me to be g