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Morning has Broken

Yesterday the black dog came to visit me, the same black dog who  used to visit Winston Churchill. When my daughter came around, she could  see the black dog had turned up too and  that I was completely at his mercy. She made her leave with a simple kiss and goodbye,  "hope he goes soon", I nodded in agreement. For when he's around he completely  demands my attention and there's no shaking him loose! On retiring I sternly told the black dog I didn't understand the reason for his visit and that I thought I had sat with him for long enough  and to be gone in the morning! *** I've not seen him so far, this morning thank goodness !!! It is the beginning of a brand new day,  I am grateful for each day of my life...   I was at a funeral on Friday,  to say we'd anticipated a sad day all turned out most beautifully.... my favourite hymn was sung 'Morning has Broken' On this brand new day I'm sitting here tapping the keys with the white dog  on my de

Haiku my Heart #45 ~ Light for the Journey

alight with spirit journeying to distant parts for Thanksgiving joy Visit  Recuerda mi Corazon   for more haiku poetry

Fox at the Door

 Fox is bemused peering through the glass door, being drawn by the light from afar, she'd felt safe in her own wood world of goings on she never noticed the glow before. Things being different now for her goings on have been rudely interrupted,  she sees another existence in the light, and she wonders about the animals inside,  similar creatures walking on all fours  but not the same. I feel so sorry for her, she seems out on a limb, and it's clear she wants to belong standing her ground with piercing eye contact, returning  again and again. My heart goes out to dear fox, I want to take her into the house of love, tame her and sit her at the table of plenty, but I can't I must shut the door of my tender affection, for she is a creature of the wild. I console myself... like all wild creatures  she'll find her way home, her place, for her wild instincts are deep inside and must be honoured.  

Week's Bliss List ~

 best of british season's first bauble  last of the summer wine  love light  beautiful life ... sending to Postcards from Paradise Recuerda mi Corazon   For Cinda xxx

Haiku my Heart #45 ~ Home Comforts

The fox was rumbled, ground moved from under his feet, he's looking for home! Coming back from hospital in the dark we were confronted by a fox on our bridge in the headlights. This is unusual for they usually stay in the woods a good way behind the house, now a new landscape is being formed making way for the pond his habitat has been disturbed. What does home mean to you? I think of Joe Spadoman returning  home from hospital, how comforting  home must feel for him today!  Recently my married son said of home: "home is wherever Karen and Isla ( dog ) are, whether that's at my house or in the back of my camper van". This was lovely to hear from my youngest son,  baby of the family now a man  honouring his wife in this way! Then there is the 'home' we have  made here on-line, it feels just like going home returning week upon week to the familiar to say hello to everyone,  knowing it is a place to just be, a place of acceptance and love.  They say 'ho

The Circle of Friends

I've had this image for sometime,  it touches me deep inside, I didn't know how I would use it, until today. Today I learned that one of the 'circle of friends' Joe Spadoman has been taken into hospital suffering a heart attack, he is being cared for by those who know medically, he now is waiting for his own body to respond. I for my part am joining in with the  'circle of friends' in sending 'healing energy Joe's way, this is my belief. The circle of friends is a strong circle, each one may have a different faith,  or come from a different culture, that doesn't matter because we  all believe in each other, Joe alluded to this himself many times. Joining the 'circle', feeling the love and compassion  of each one is very strengthening we become solid 'as rock'. Please join the circle of friends with me sending strengthening wishes to Joe over at ~ Recuerda mi Corazon  

Abstract Distract

There has been sad news, two deaths in my family this week, not close family but nevertheless close enough. Light therapy is a wonderful thing, absorbing the colours, reflections and shapes. Contemplating the words.  I love text and in particular this new text toy, part of Picnik editing suite via Picasa, the colour combinations are endless using the drop-down menu selecting 'difference'. What a difference a little light therapy makes! x x x

Moody - Me?

You know I'm one for these moody sunset images don't you? This is not just any old sunset view though! It's the most beautiful sunset view ever?  The beginning of our very own pond, not only will it be a haven for wildlife, but a saver of domestic animals  too! Foxes I mean us. This pond will be an overflow area  for when our stream floods and hopefully it will fill this bowl and not our home! Actually it is quite exciting, I dare not think about it too much, it's huge, takes almost all of our field. The National Trust are paying for it as part of a larger flood defense project, but the pond is situated on our property, we would have never been able to afford anything like this. The possibilities are endless, we could float a boat on it!

Haiku my Heart #44 Soft Soul

when winds of change howl all need a place of safety and a soft soul mate Visit  Recuerda mi Corazon   for more soft soul company!

A Delivery!

The day started out murky not much of a day for taking pics  but we had a most beautiful vision  on our doorstep this morning  a delivery ... we have been waiting almost 12 years  for this day, the machine you see  is going to dig us out of trouble .... We live on a flood plain, we didn't know that when we started to build our cottage from a pile of ancient stones! The authority that sold us the property   didn't know either,  our cottage forms part of a historic estate, it is thought to be the original cobbler's cottage  serving Hardwick Hall. We sit beside a stream that feeds an old historic mill, now renovated and milling flour, during heavy rainfall or melting snow the stream floods and sometimes enters our cottage to a depth of three feet. We have not been in a position financially  to resolve this, but the National Trust has gained  funding to try and remedy the problem for us and nearby properties. This is great news for us because  we would like to move somewhe

Sunday's Story

Today's been a happy day my girl is a little better, we had lunch out, we've all been in a bit of a haze  for the last couple of weeks .... mists are clearing now though,  she'll be coming home from hospital for good soon. Thanks for all your well wishes. xxx Sending to  Postcards from Paradise Recuerda mi Corazon

Haiku my Heart #43 ~ Haiku Therapy

It's been an eventful few weeks  happy mingled with sad, I'm learning to just be with it all. Today is Haiku my Heart poetry day hosted by Rebecca over at  Recuerda mi Corazon       Haiku has become a weekly treat, a kind of  therapy for me on Friday. The Therapy Begins ~>~>~> I'm going to my picture file as I write to see which image stands out and speaks to me, after that I know the words will just tumble out! ~>~>~>~>~> Life is a journey, the grass is not always green, I'm checking my stride! I've had this image for ages,  a window reflection caught in a poster,  it captured my attention whilst out shopping  I knew it had a hidden meaning!

I'll Never Forget ....

Mixed media art in honour of the 'special ones'  gone before. William my father, called me his little buddy,  loved by all for his wicked sense of humour, his roguish ways, generous spirit, not a day goes by that I don't think about his parting night, the glint in his eye said  'I love you little buddy'. ***** Beautiful Alice my mother,  doting mother, always there to say  'there there'  she loved Roses chocolates,  ground coffee on Sunday and totally in love with my dad. ***** Eric special friend, a big cuddly bear of a man, aware of his spiritual need, caring and comforting, always in my heart.  Must be with God   he talked about him endlessly and, his lovely wife Freda remembered fondly forever. Joining in with friends, honouring those gone before ~ Dia-de-los-Muertos Rebecca Recuerda mi Corazon & Stephanie Mango Studio