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They all Know...

It is one whole year since my love departed. This place looks pretty much the same without him except the crows are missing, they seemed to have disappeared about the same time as he did as I recall. The crow family and my love had a special relationship they always hung out together by the old stones up stream... The House Martins didn't show up either this year I think they got word from the crows. Oh and the frogs decided not to spawn in the still pool under the bridge, for the first time ever! But, the Wisteria has blossomed like she has never blossomed before! I think she is giving me a show stopping finale for she knows the time has come... I'm just waiting for the final go-ahead and then ~ I must say goodbye to this old cottage, these old stones that have sheltered me for almost sixteen years I must let go and Trust that there will be a new chapter for me, a new beginning and that I will survive, alone, but not lonely!