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Starting anew, again

  The need to release is here, the time to say, to give vision a voice to honour the now ~>                      It is two years since my dreams came to a halt, when my expanding dream container got closed tight, so tight like it was sealed and I hadn't the strength to open it... It is still closed but I see the beauty of it alluring me, it is close to my heart nestled upon the silken threads that are covering a place that yearns to breathe free and easy so as to retrieve something lost, something precious, but constrained.  A strange thing happened today, someone knocked on my door asking who owned the field behind my home as there was a sheep stranded and bleating with it's head trapped between the barbed wire. I was able to point her in the right direction for the sheep's release I'm glad to say but instantly I, being at a heightened emotional state became overwhelmed by the plight of the sheep and turned it upon myself imagining that I was the sheep p