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Too Cold!

Jack's frozen fingers, will they lose their winter's grip? Sun, please melt his heart! There are no bunnies hopping around here today,  they are all down their rabbit holes, too cold to surface. The weather man says April's going to be cold too. Good thing there's plenty of warmth round at Haiku-ing Hearts! Linking with Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

Do you Believe in Magic?

Have you ever encountered Magic? I have several times or even several hundreds or perhaps several thousands of times. Anyway too many times to keep a count of! There seems to be a sequence to the pattern, a feeling within that something is about to birth, then through a series of intuitive actions and reactions, it happens the magic appears once again ~> No cunning nor trickery just plain magic in its soft subtle hues, the nuances of seeing, maybe you don't, that's all right for it is my magic, but just keep an eye open for your own, its everywhere!

Mary in the Morning & Symbolism

My morning always starts this way, my ritual, and my mantra ~> "No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up"~  Rigina Brett's 90 Years Celebration of Living. My daughter flung the sheet of points at me when we were both ill at the beginning of the year, I was surprised by this as I'd been the one doing the encouraging for well over a year through her mental health breakdown. Encouraging her to get up and get dressed when all she wanted to do was bury her head under the duvet, she hardly muttered a word for six months. We read the sheet together, and when we came across point 40 as outlined above we both vowed to each other this is what we would do!  At the very least we would make sure we'd "get up and dress up". For my part I make sure I wear the above bracelets and earrings everyday, I put them on first thing of a morning as a symbolic act in recognition to the power of motherly love and to keep a positive attitude.  I leave them

Round Every Corner

Fly towards the dark, remember, magic awaits round every corner! Linking with love to Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

Where's Mary

Where to find Mary in the Morning? Why in the hands of any loving mother! Visit ~ Suzanne Sperl Linking with Mornings with Mary Recuerda mi Corazon

A Space for Sunshine

Magnify the love, create a space for sunshine even among clouds. Linking with Haiku mi Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

A Friend Indeed

A friend of mine popped round this afternoon, she took me by surprise. I was feeling rather 'fragmented',  scattered even if you know what I mean? I felt like I had come apart in so many places, doubting if I could put myself back together! This friend of mine has a special talent developed through her own life's school of sometimes hard knocks!  She's a dab hand at recognising all the jumbled up parts of you, like the pieces of a jigsaw and she seems intuitively to know how to fit them back together again.  Confidently she identifies each of the positive features  gently nudging them one by one back into place until the whole body starts to regain its appearance, its former beautiful, colourful self! It is wonderful to have a friend with such talent, it amazes me how she always calls at just the right time, always brings back the best of me! I am grateful for such a friend. xoxoxoxox Sending to Share the Joy Meri&

My Gifts

I am enough I am good enough I was made that way I honour my maker I use my gifts however they manifest.... Qualifier ~> An amount of self sabotage, not good enough has been circulating lately, I suppose we all get a dose from time to time! It is appropriate then and helpful for me to remember ~ all that I am is not of my own making, that what I offer has been gifted to me in the first place. My unique ~ I just keep building upon that base!