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Sending Love & Light

Sending love & light speeding over vast oceans lifting heavy hearts  Go to ~~> Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

Life is Huge Break a few Rules

You may have noticed a little swirling going on in my latest posts! I had forgotten about the spiraling tool in fotoflexer ~ distort! But yes if fits my mood a kind of swirling.. Most days I am given over to the grief BUT TODAY I notice a little lightness, nay JOY when tapping the keys! I am not sure where all of this is leading me but I am TAKING HEART KNOWING the journey continues with MY LOVE,  he is INTERWOVEN throughout my very BEING AND I am grateful for this ONE BEAUTIFUL but sometimes brutally bewildering LIFE! and yes, I make no apologies for using capitals ! This is  Huge! Break a few  Rules!

Tumbling with Red leaves...

My heart's in a spin hurtling towards the unknown tumbling with red leaves... For Haiku my Heart and my beloved Rebecca, springboard to joy, catalyst for courage... Recuerda mi Corazon

Grief Story on the Hoof ~ Entry 9

Safeguarding my Heart in this Choppy Ocean of Grief . . There are open and raw wounds around my heart, they need attention, I am paying heed to a well know scripture ~ " for all that is to be guarded, safeguard the heart"! Not allowing bitterness to take hold is the work at hand. I have to thank you my sisters in large part for allowing my grief story here in this space, for offering comfort and encouragement through these days, for just being there through this journey gifting me connection in my hours of need. This indeed helps keep the heart open and soft, your words of wisdom and care. This week I start a course of psychotherapy offered to me through the hospice who cared for my love. I have mixed feelings, I went along to one of the group sessions but felt overwhelmed by the tears and sadness of the other grievers, I will try to remain open to what might arise through one to one therapy. Having said that I already know the limitations of what psychothera