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Haiku my Heart #42 - Shine on

t'was just a sparkle peeping through the blacks and grey it filled my whole eye .... My daughter's car stands motionless on our drive, she is in hospital with severe stress symptoms. It has been a dark week, yesterday I noticed a sparkle reflecting off of her car through my window. She's been rattling up and down the motorway for the last year everyday to the job she loves and is fighting hard to keep. The car had so many rattles, now fixed by my love, it's washed, polished and resting-up waiting for her return. For more haiku poetry Visit Recuerda mi Corazon

... and some days ...


Needs Must!

Yesterday I posted about being Needy! I had a good night's sleep  for me only waking up twice constitutes a good night, this morning I'm still feeling a need, but there's been a slight shift ~> my need is to focus on  ~>~>~> on gratitude & JOY ~> ~>~> the joy of capturing light in every moment I walk this planet However it manifests ! I hope you are able to capture  some light, gratitude & JOY it certainly fills a need! Visit Meri's Musings Share the Joy Thursday


Our boy is scared ~ scared of bumps in the road, rain pattering on the windows, he's scared of his own shadow! No matter how I try to cuddle him, he's on full alert for any bad happening! From time to time these tendencies show up in me too, I don't know why but I feel vulnerable,  I see monsters looming up, I'm jumpy, even frightened and definitely needy! Needy seems to have bad connotations in this world, like some dreaded disease to be avoided! Yet aren't we all needy at some time or other? 'No man is an island' so they say, we all need someone sometimes. Even if it's just a smile, a friendly face to say 'there there'. This image sent through the post for a local exhibition really soothed me in such a time of need,  I've had it for a while now, I think the artist  really captured something special here! All the little handmade figures seem to be looking down saying "we're here for you, you are not alone&quo


I'm remembering the ones close to my heart always, but especially for the next few weeks along with Rebecca and Stephanie for Dia-de-los-Muertos

Checking Out!

Celeste Calls Again I must follow  C U SOON xxx

'Letting Go & Learning Retreat'

Unpacking my bag I could still smell the  old stone farmhouse on my towel now nostalgia,  a memory,  albeit only a day ago... just three nights before I was anxious all would turn out as I'd planned for the last three months.... needn't have worried though everything exceeded all I'd hoped for.... A well wisher reminded me to learn from the experience, I did  'The Letting Go and Learning Retreat' Trusting that all would just 'be'.... I set my intention not to try and control.... I just stood back and watched  how this group of women blended together, it was amazing, everything just flowed from a spirit of giving on everyone's part, all had something special to share.... from a relaxing foot massage to good food and companionship we shared wide open spaces a  tree hug also solitude at times all-in-all  a very magical experience!