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Grateful for 25th December

On this day, Saturday, 25th December 2010 I'm grateful for all my on-line friends And if your name doesn't appear above I'm still holding you in  'love' x

Grateful for Gratitude

I am grateful on this day,  Friday, 24th December 2010 'Christmas Eve' for  GRATITUDE Gracious Gratitude, rescuing me from myself, forging paths through fear At an early age I was familiar with the saying  "count your blessings one by one" but it was just some old saying! Life passes so quickly, and there were times I felt like the days were so long, so dark and filled with nothing, like I was wading through treacle! but those days are in the past now, and it's Christmas Eve so enough of that! just one thing though,  Dreamboard by Charlotte Fox I'm so grateful  I learned to  "count my blessings one by one" for so doing the mind becomes filled with the positive, literally leaving no room for anything else! Thank you for returning to my advent calendar with your lovely comments. BTW I have a greeting for you  on my last day of  Gratitu

Grateful for Family Love

I am grateful on this day,  Thursday, 23rd December 2010 for  A Table overflowing with  Love I'm nearly at the end of my 25 days of gratitude and have not even scratched the surface, but  I would like to mention something  I'm often reminded of on my daily pop-up  motivational homepage, "family is a little home made of love"  My Family I like to think my family extends to all of you, as we are all inextricably linked! I'm sending my love over to Meri's Share the Joy Thursday

Grateful for Dreams

I am grateful on this day,  Wednesday, 22nd December 2010 for  Dreams ..... The dreams I 'm dreaming today   are not little piddly dreams, but big, larger than life dreams! I'm grateful I have the capacity to dream I haven't always? My dreams are for the coming year, 2011 You are all in my dreams,  you are all in my big dreams, let's dream together xxx

Full Cold Moon - Charlotte's Dreamboard

It has been a while since I last did a 'moonboard' as I call them, in fact, I started this one for November.  I am happy to be back amongst the Dreamers. This is a muddled reflection of cherished memories, meaningful symbols and wishes for the future.  It also gives a hint towards the last dreamboard which said 'there's something waiting in the wings' and there was.  It's only a little something at the moment but I'm going to keep dreaming on as much as I can. Best wishes to everyone for these holidays :) Visit Jamie Ridler Studios for more Dreamboards

Grateful for Winter Solstice

I am grateful on this day,  Tues day, 21st December 2010,   for Winter Solstice Today is the shortest day of the year,  a very special day for us in the northern hemisphere,  as we are at the furthermost point of the earth's journey around the sun. This is particularly poignant as we are experiencing  severe freezing temperatures here in Britain. No wonder the ancients had reverence for this day onward,  their gloominess having descended like the sun itself,  falling lower and lower on the horizon. Then being  replaced by elation as the sun began to climb again and recover. No wonder they marked these days  by joyful celebrations in anticipation of increasing light and warmth!

Grateful for Canine Companions

I am grateful on this day,  Monday, 20th December 2010,   for Canine Companions ~ My two boys  Dougal&Jasper have made many appearances here on 'finding my bliss' but how could I complete my gratitude  without giving these boys a mention?   Dougal came into our lives unexpectedly, at a time  when we were experiencing turmoil ! His personality? We say he is his 'own dog,' knows what he wants and goes for it! As a puppy he made his escape quite a few times.  Sometimes when we go for a walk in the  deserted local country park at night  he will decide 'he's not going' and puts the 'brakes on' so we leave him, he waits there until we return. He's very stubborn, clever, sensitive and almost human! He is totally loyal to me,  keeps guard of me always. Jasper, Dougal's offspring on the other hand  is a complete softy. He's very o

Grateful for Ecstasy

I am grateful on this day,  Sunday, 19th December 2010,   for Ecstasy Aristotle said "the soul never thinks without a picture" I'm  reflecting, much to reflect on, images flash before me,  dizzy with ecstasy, bring it on ... stumble  on e c s t a s y  Visit Recuerda mi Corazon

Grateful for Boogie Nights

I am grateful on this day,  Saturday, 18th December 2010,   for B o o g i e N i g h t s I'm going to be putting on my dancing shoes... my love and my friend,  my boy and his partner, my girl and her friend, We're all going to be boogie-ing on down tonight  at the Acoustic Angels Christmas Party

Grateful for Son's Love

I am grateful on this day,  Friday, 17th December 2010,   for Son's Love Perfectly gifted, on the most beautiful morn, baby 'one', my first born. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y A D R I A N For more Haiku Poetry   Visit Recuerda mi Corazon

Grateful for Christmas Cheer

I am grateful on this day,  Thursday, 16th December 2010,   for  Christmas Shopping Cheer Chesterfield Market Place The High Street

Grateful for Cherished Moments

I am grateful on this day,  Wednesday, 15th December 2010,   for Cherished Moments . I'm writing about this before the thoughts  escape me,  before they float off into the ether. . This morning much like any other morning started by seeing Charlotte off to work,  she's staying with us whilst her bathroom is being renovated, Over the past three years she has  stayed with us on and off  since coming back from life in the big city, all battered and bruised. She's been on her healing path ever since. Lately life has taken a leap forward for her after two years or so out of work, after pulling herself up off of the ground, after preparing and putting herself through rigorous interviews, she landed herself the perfect job  at the University of Derby!!! and She's met someone who is making her happy!!! This morning I packed her off to work,  it was Christmas lunch day,  I ironed her frilly blouse

Grateful for Mobility

I am grateful on this day,  Tuesday 14th December 2010,   for 'Mobility' It has been treacherous under foot,  mounds of ice everywhere  on the roads,  making driving very scary! This situation is quite rare here in the UK, the services are ill prepared for such 'extreme' weather. Having gingerly stepped out of the car  onto the kerbside as I was    waiting for the bus, I noticed a young man with a white stick shuffling his way  along the edge of the snow.  I saw someone approach him to see if he needed help,  he gestured that he was okay. My heart was aching for this young person  being out there, braving the elements. The feeling of admiration  tinged with sadness  stayed with me throughout the day remembering his slight figure disappear. Today the snow has almost gone, I'm feeling  much better about  venturing outdoors, my gratitude for mobility is

Grateful for Sleep

I am grateful on this day,  Monday 13th December 2010, quite simply for 'Sleep' It's been a long, arduous day, one of those days you just want to dive under the covers! Sleep is such a wonderful thing,  it puts a gap between  a troublesome day and a brand new brighter tomorrow! Good Night xxx