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Note to Self

After visiting Suzanne at Sperly-Girl   today I just had to take her cue and write myself a little note. This photograph is not technically all that it could be, was taken on my mobile, but I just love the way I look, my facial expression and would like to come over like this, but alas I don't always. Just now I'm in a lot of pain and my love keeps singing some song about a sad eyed lady, I'm sure he's singing about me!! So I'm posting this to myself as an affirmation! Thank you Suzanne and also to your friend who inspired you. xxx BTW If I haven't called to say hello and leave you a little note of affection lately, it's because I'm not so good right now, but will be back just a s a p. x PS  Mary came to me by way of Suzanne's blog today, so I'm linking this love to ~> Mornings with Mary Recuerda mi Corazon

The Art of Distraction #1

Sometimes when the day starts off foggy, grey, lacking in focus and clarity,  there's just no other option but to find your colours, whether they be paint, cloth, clay or collage ~ whatever? Just so long as they fully submerge the grey stuff,  if you know what I mean? Actually Mary came to me with this by way of ~ Regina Brett's 90 Years Celebration of Growing Older ~ Point 17 "It's never too late to be happy, but it's all up to you and no one else" Sending to ~ Mornings with Mary Recuerda mi Corazon

Saturate the earth with love

A day void of love is the day of no sunrise, all starts to wither. Reverse the process saturate the earth with love, sun salutations. Visit  Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

Warm Winds Blowing around the Globe

Crazy windy here today too, I'm in paradise right now, listening to sweet violins and guitars, tango tunes, they stir my emotions as does the light, pink clouds dancing across blue evening skies. I'm thinking the wind came all the way over from you, crossing on an ocean of love for it is a warm wind full of whispering promise of spring and summer. A Postcard from Paradise Recuerda mi Corazon

A heart Full of Mary Love

Today was an unusual day for me, I caught public transport to a nearby city, I sometimes do this when I'm feeling a bit low a break from the norm seems to shift my perspective. On these outings I'm usually preoccupied with eye candy, what's new in the stores, arty things I don't see locally. Today was different, since my own brush with vulnerability the human landscape of suffering seems to easily catch my attention. I had to rest in the shopping mall a couple of times, in so doing I noticed all the ones with some-kind of problem. Several women crossed my path shuffling along with their walking aids, it made me wonder how I had never really focused for long on their plight before! I felt a huge heart of compassion for these folk, an interconnectedness, we're all in this together kind of feeling. I got to wondering why I had never felt quite this way before, and of course it is because I had not been touched personally, I hadn't felt their disc

Soul Love

Seeds of love, sparking off of one-another blowing over the entire globe, there and back. They're feeding those gentle creatures life sustaining nourishment, blossoming and blooming through soul love. What better way to populate paradise! For more soul nourishment visit ~ Postcards from Paradise Recuerda mi Corazon

Sailing Through

Today finds me somewhere in-between the pinks and the blues, I'm hoping I can glide gracefully through. My evening walk with the mutts and my love helped a lot, we visited the five little ponds my favourite walk, the light was perfect. A *no apps* painterly effect is achieved through an ambient light water reflection, turned upside-down. It was a photo~shoot of contrasts, much like life really, with all the twists and turns!


Like the emergence of this image, through focusing on subtle change as the sun faded away, so too spring seems to be just nudging its way forward very subtly this year, we're hardly noticing the change, but we know change is here, it is inevitable, it must be. I'm honouring my own subtle changes too, within and without, for they must take place! I'm looking for the subtle beauty in everything.