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Today I...

Will rise, shine and send more sparkles out into the universe... “I am like a falling star  who has finally found her place next to another in a lovely constellation,  where we will sparkle in the heavens forever.”  ~  Amy Tan Sending my sparkles to Postcards from Paradise Recuerda mi Corazon

Window in Time

Energy levels plummeted as the heat rose, It was legendary ~ the heat, almost wiped me out... I'm talking heat of the moments, days filled with charge that have taken their toll. A strange kind of lull held sway, mouse never stirred in days, only a lingering with my beloved, the lens. I caught sight of a ghostly reflection as it passed between me and the window... I recorded the feeling should it slip away, holding onto this strange yet beautiful window in time.

Today I ... Gentleness behind the Lens

Today I'm feeling a bit fragile and lacking energy... this feeling is not new to me, an old bed partner you might say, for sometimes that's where I retreat. I have been asked in the past if I suffer with ME... I don't think so but as long as I remember energy has always been lacking especially after some event like last weekend ~ our female communal birthday party. So I need a soft spot to linger and just Be with it, knowing it's just a wave from my ocean of being. What helps is to gently let-go of any expectations of myself, go where the pace is slow, grounded and loving, to me that's where my camera is, I can enter another world behind the lens. A world that supports, nourishes and feeds my spirit like no other... today I'm finding a gentleness behind the lens tomorrow it will be something other... but always behind the lens it is my way of expressing, my art.

Filed under ~ 'B'

The party animals have all slinked back to the woods now the bouncy castle has been deflated and carried away for another year, I have my memories though, filed under ' B ' for Bliss and Beautiful . Beautiful   ~ Daughter-in-law ~ such a great host and party entrepreneur, Sons ~ making sure all the animals were well fed from the barbecue, and watered!! Daughter ~ reminding us all to keep cool in the heat My love  ~  quietly keeping all under control i.e. chief pot washer and tidy-er-upper!! Bliss   ~ This day was about Connie my granddaughter, in celebration of her first year of life, I see her only occasionally due to the distance so this was really special.  She is nearly walking and loves to lead me around the garden looking, touching and smelling the flowers, sometimes nearly eating them! We romped on the bouncy castle together early in the morning before the others arrived, getting our pants wet-through in the morning dew. + My greatest thrill of all

Juicy Summer

Sweet juice of summer drip, drip, drip, quenches my life lifting high my heart This is one of those years to remember we are actually having a summer, we have had more than two consecutive weeks of sunshine! Today begins the folk festival next to our cottage, we usually go in wellington boots but this year I think it is safe to wear sandals! Joining in with Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon BTW Cupcake baking in progress, bouncy castle to arrive soon along with party animals ~ we have a 'jungle' theme going on! My buzz word for today is b-r-e-e-z-y I need it first for the heat secondly for calm ;~)

Birthday Bash

It's my birthday tomorrow, . . I have been busy wrapping parcels today, not for me though,  they're for my granddaughter and daughter-in-law. All our birthdays fall within one month including my daughter and sister,  so we are going to have one big garden party on Saturday. There's going to be cupcakes, all manner of party things, and a bouncy castle! Oh and what makes it super exciting, all of this merry-making should be happening whilst Stainsby folk festival will be in full swing over the hedge from our cottage, +   " the sun has got his hat on, hip,hip,hip hooray " !!

Cheeky Mary

Oh Rebecca you incited me to find a cheeky Mary with your 'Mornings with Mary' post today! Thinking back fondly to my youth and my best friend whose name actually was Mary, she was really really cheeky, she had a gap between her two front teeth, and a smile that charmed the ducks off of the water :~) She introduced me to my love many moons ago, he being several years older than me resisted Mary's promptings as long as he could, but as she was very cheeky and persuasive we ended up together! So another Mary story, how I love reminiscing all the Mary meanings in my life, which in turn fires me up to spread the Mary message of love and connection. Posting to ~ Mornings with Mary Recuerda mi Corazon


Sometimes we go into hiding, pulling our heads under the blanket when dark night creatures seem so close, we lie low and wait...  And yet in the waiting and being with our fears something new ascends out of that place,  for we have visited ourselves and discovered a beautiful thing ~ we have held strong. Fear did not bring us to the floor, we stood our ground in the dark, slowly lifting the cover, confronting fear eye to eye. "Keep walking,  though there's no place to get to. Don't try to see through the distances, t hat's not for human beings.  Move within,  but don't move the way fear makes you move." ~ Rumi