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Happiness is Sharing

Today is the day I usually think about the happy moments of the week to share with Jamie Ridler and all the other lovelies who join in reporting.  As I'm up early I thought I'd look to see who was on Mr Linky to get a bit of inspiration for my post as today, despite having lots of happy times recently I've been going through a 'rough patch' and I'm finding it a little difficult to shake off these sad feelings!  I know that embracing all of life's ups and downs is part of the deal for living, you can't just have ups there's downs too if you know what I mean?  Anyway the first post did give me a a jolt of inspiration, Suzie spoke about her love of hearts, which struck a chord with me, as I love hearts too, when I was a young girl I loved drawing them, there's something about the shape of them and of-course I was beginning to find out about all things of the heart at that time too!  But today I'm going to re-post my first ever pic on my first ev

The August Break

I'm going to be joining   Susannah Conway   and myriads of happy snappers in the 'August Break'  one pic per day project, five days per week., no words needed just pics.  So if you would like to join the party press the happy button and head on over to see what it's all about!

Who am I?

The last week or so has been a bit turbulent to say the least! It all started about ten days ago: I got so creative as the big event loomed to be continued ..... and so the day came, it started with the post .... flowers were delivered .... I strung up my pompoms ..... put on my sun specs .... and the party began ....

The Full Buck Moon # 3 Carol

"My first dreamboard represents my desire for peace and tranquillity in my life. I find water and open spaces calming and peaceful. I’m also searching for happiness. This is what the smiley face represents. Also sunflowers make me feel happy. The cat looking at its reflection in a mirror and seeing a lion symbolises courage and confidence. Two qualities I am seeking. Finally, my desire to be a mum is also reflected on my board." For more Dreamboards visit Jamie Ridler

The Full Buck Moon # 2 Charlotte

Wonderbubble!   I just liked the word a lot.  I think this means I am in my own thoughts at the moment as there is big change afoot.  For more Dreamboards visit Jamie Ridler

The Full Buck Moon

First of all I just wanted to say how delighted I was this afternoon to share the dreamboard experience with another creative explorer.  We had a lovely afternoon the three of us assembling our dreams and chatting in therapy!!!  This time I decided not to show the whole of my board because I just want to focus in on one element I've been thinking about lately, I've been trying to bring more unconditional love into my relationships, which isn't always easy! So as you can see from the extract and quote I would like to glow with love! This is a tall order but one to work towards I think? To view other Dreamboards visit Jamie Ridler Studios

Praying for no Rain

We're not used to the dry here in England and it's not long before they're issuing the hosepipe ban despite being an island surrounded by water with a good sprinkling of rain most weeks.  There's been no rain to speak of for about six weeks now which is very unusual.  It rained today! The thing is I don't mind it raining all week, but Saturday it must not rain!!!! because it's all kicking off here at 2pm!

Colour Me Happy

I've been thinking about colour a lot lately, I'm very fond of bright, bold colours.  I'm equally as fond of soft, subdued colours.  Looking out on the garden everyday I'm noticing  as one bloom dies another one appears in a different splash of colour.  It makes me think about  Monet, how his sight failed him in later years, how frustrated he became as a painter.  I can feel his loss! So today I'm posting these pics as my happy post for the sheer joy of seeing colour. I'm celebrating seeing colour! Have a wonderful, colourful, happy week to all of you. For other happy posts visit Jamie Ridler Studios

Something's in the Air

I've been busy about the house this week, not that it's unusual for me to 'busy bee' my chores, well I suppose it's a little unusual for me to be so enthused about house work, I'm usually more interested in a creative project! Anyway I've  had the curtains down in my lounge and the cushion covers off washing and ironing them, WHY? There's going to be a double celebration in a ten days and I need the house to look presentable as quite a few of my nearest and dearest will be visiting.

Random Acts of Kindness

Sometimes I complain inside and feel hard done-by when I notice that bouquet of flowers being delivered to the other woman's door and not mine.  Sometimes I take for granted little acts of kindness like that cup of tea in a morning, or that glass of wine of an evening in my hand without asking!  These little acts of kindness are surely more precious I have to remind myself.  They are as sweet as the sweetest bouquet of roses!

Well! Would you Christmas Eve Believe!

Hi everyone, hope you've all had lots of 'happy' this week, I certainly have, been away again to the coast in the old chariot, our comfy, cosy camper van, BTW she's 22 years old and still going strong!  She came into our life after a whole year of searching.  We were looking for something to take our boys Dougal & Jasper on holiday in.  Initially we were after a younger model but none of them appealed until we stepped inside this old lady, we immediately fell in love with her and at home, so my love set to and made her even more lovely - but that's for another post, on with the happy..... Arriving at our holiday destination before we had chance to set-up camp 'Buggy Babe' (as we've affectionately named her) came racing down the field in her little electric car for our pitch rent, we'd been here before so we knew the routine! Normally on most other sites you go to reception to register and do all the paper work, not here! The moment anyone's w