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Pink Peepers

Well who wouldn't be JOYFUL seeing those PINK PEEPERS first thing of a morning! Sharing baby pics is not usually my style but couldn't resist this one! Linking with ~> Sharing the Joy Meri's Musings


My trembling fingers create artistic blurring cloud's silver lining! I have been unwell since before Christmas, one of the symptoms was a loss of co-ordination and trembling hands, the camera seemed too heavy for my fingers. I'm glad to say the fog seems to be lifting, once again I'm wielding my camera and more importantly the desire to capture images and play with them has resurfaced! Really my illness is becoming a little blurry too, but because it was so severe losing about a stone in weight, along with deep anxiety about the diagnosis of the scary tests I want to remember all the painful details because some life affirming messages/changes have occurred, an awakening of sorts!

Changing the State - One Notch Up

I was quite surprised by the comments I got on my last post about my 'Low' mood/state, what others saw and read into my words and images. Christine thought my word 'low' was  actually 'love'  and said "'love' is a nice state to create from"!   After giving this some thought I made this reply ~ Thank you Christine, yes I agree changing the 'state'  can sometimes be an act of changing the 'meaning' of things,  looking at the same thing in a different light! Ana was a little disturbed  by my eyes in the image, I thought? What eyes,  I never saw any eyes, but when I looked again  I did  and they were sad eyes,  so here I am  going one notch up,  I'm now looking at those sad eyes in a different light, giving  different meaning by  adding a smiley face! I'm changing the 'state', going one notch up! I'm sending my artistic work to line up with o

Monday's Mood

I have not many words today only this one that describes my mood, not actually a mood but a state! I know enough about managing moods or states to aim for one notch up. Just depends on your low, mine being down there at the bottom. I'm not going into the various reasons for my vulnerable state, but my notch up has been to think of ways to create without too much stress attached because at present my stress threshold is very 'low'. I came across this wire word I made over a decade ago, which fits the feeling or state I have been experiencing lately, I figure to use it as the beginning of something new, a new creative way of expressing myself. I don't know where this is going, I only know I'm going to start ~> and see where it takes me....

Today I

For a calmer mind the miracle of deep breath is waiting on you ... Visit  Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

Today's Mantra

Today is all about coping strategies, I have had to give myself a good talking to, take myself in hand. I think it's working, yes, it is definitely working! I got some Joy out of my little creative endeavour, so I'm going to send it to Share the Joy Thursday Meri's Musings  

To be with You

This one day, I am grateful for just one ounce of energy, energy enough to see the sparkles, then to press the button, then to press more buttons, which in-turn like the dynamo on a bicycle made more energy, more love, more appreciation! And so look what happened, my little ounce of energy  just like the Blackpoll Warbler ~  Wikipedia   flew me all the way round the world just to be with YOU! Via  Postcards from Paradise Recuerda mi Corazon