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Gothic Weekend

The weather man had predicted chilly for higher ground, as we made our way over the moors an auspicious sky developed setting a moody tone for the weekend to come............ How I love the wild winds and changeable skies as they cast their shadows over the dying bracken moors. By the time we got to Horcum Hole the sky's drama had unleashed rain, hail and snow over Celeste, (our campervan), perfect for a Gothic Whitby Week.   Get the flavour here . We set up camp on the clifftop relaxing with a glass of red, soon slipping into our little cocoon bed listening to the wind and the hail on the metal roof, the feeling was wonderful, like ~ "rock a bye baby in the tree top when the wind blows the cradle will rock", and rock we did the whole night! Next day was so cold, we layered up before venturing along the clifftop, talk about wild sea horses, those raging waves matched the angry skies, and I was lapping it all up. The Abbey, living up to its eerie reputat

Swooning over the Sun

I'm swooning over the sun, her magical performances, the finale of twenty twelve.......... a year when the sun made few appearances here......... when great swathes of grey dominated, more rain than not......... still the rain made for strong growth, everything doubled in size......... my little seeds of courage, faith, hope & trust all flourished, matured and bore fruit this year, that's why my moments in the sun are all the more sweeter, they maybe snatched away tomorrow but for now I'm savouring each one! Linking with Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

Contemplating Grace at The Last Inn

A sense of place, you know what I mean? You can't quite put your finger on it but it feels right like you belong, something connects deep within saying 'home'. We've been coming back to this old sailor's pub 'The Last Inn' for a few years now, we want it to be our local, but we have to wait........... We have to wait for tides to turn, for sands to settle, to reveal new contours of possibility. At first the waiting room seemed small, cramped and dark,  a place I did not want to be, yet the longer I sat there in that space,  the more I became aware of light filtering through.   After adjusting my eyes I could see that light  was illuminating voids where hopelessness had once lain,   shining down and revealing  Hope .  It was as if the light had been waiting all along  for the mind's barriers to be dismantled, now with most of it's notions of darkness dispelled  expansion could take place. I read a


I'm going walk-about again, thought I would leave you with something that stirs my soul, be sure to click. If you have not experienced it before enjoy! If you have, then enjoy again! Bye bye for now :~) xxx PS Please leave me a sign if you've been here and enjoyed! PPS Before I go I must add this, if you have not seen this video, it is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing  I don't usually rave, but for this one I make an exception! X

In My Element

It has been over a year since I collaged a dream or vision board, something I have been meaning to do every full-moon  along with Jamie Ridler and the other dreamers. Yesterday was a busy one, Dougal Dog is now in the animal hospital, they are watching him closely for fear the ulcer starts to melt, this could be disastrous.  I had intended to post my intuitive vision board last night  but sleep won over! To those not familiar with my practice, the process is totally intuitive: I had no fresh collage materials in the house, (the images need to be fresh to your eyes for the purpose of intuiting!)  I bought a weekend newspaper, the type that have several coloured sections, travel, beauty, home etc. I flip through the pages and whatever speaks I pull out, some images, some words, some I cut, some I rip. I clear a space on the table with my board in the centre, any board will do this one is just a piece of card, it is not important, it is not necessarily