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Mary of my Morning

To my dearest Rebecca, Mary of my morning and evening, thank you for being there week in and out throughout the seasons, a constant source of inspiration, love and strength to us all. Please feel our tender affection and may it comfort you when you need it, see you though the challenges life has imposed. May you continue to find renewed strength with our support for your life's beautiful and mysterious mission. Bless you ~ special one. x Mornings with Mary Recuerda mi Corazon

Bubbling Up

There has been much contemplation going on this week, not always through the wine glass though, but it is marvelous what can be seen through those bubbles! Another year around the clock for my girl, she is in a much better place now after her illness, still has some way to go, we're all getting there. We have little snatches of paradise here and there, this was one! Posting to Postcards from Paradise Recuerda mi Corazon

"Let's go round again"

One more cup of chai One more celestial spin and Haiku ~ d ' Art . W hat I'm thinking ~ I hope you noticed the quote by Cindy Sherman in the sidebar above? I have decided to keep it as a reminder to myself and all who visit here, to just 'let go'. I was struggling to find a haiku this morning to match my image, which is unusual for me! But ,   I was and this has been typical of words in general here on FMB lately. So I thought to myself  ' just let go Susan ' and I did, sometime later ' voila ' there it was fully formed, again! Now whether this is a good or bad form of haiku is not my concern, but I need to feel that it is right for me because ~ it is from my heart and goes to the hearts of all those sharing the three year summer solstice celebration of gathering over at our beloved  Rebecca's Place  ~ Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon


Yesterday proved a little difficult, but I had 'staying power' once I donned my desert style sun protection to keep prickly heat rash at bay.... I rewarded myself come evening time by indulging in some favourite comforts.... letting go of the heat, the ifs and buts, melting.... going deeper and deeper wherever I needed to go..... the light, the luminosity, the moments the flow, transitioning....

Feelings #3

Today I spent time in the garden, I was optimistic for a good day. The path we created last year has not weathered well, the person who mixed the mortar (my love) was tardy! It all cracked and disintegrated, he blames the frost, I say there was not enough cement in the mix! Anyway I was the one who had the job of scraping it out and reapplying new! I started off in great spirits, but after a couple of hours I was done for, I felt my age somewhat like this old lady,  a little ragged round the edges, but still going for it! BTW My love is building a wall to keep the flood waters out and the dogs in, you can see the start of it just behind where I'm working, looks good hey? Hope he got the mix right this time!   ;~)xxx

Best of the Bunch

Picked the best of the bunch here in paradise today, with love! Postcards from Paradise Recuerda mi Corazon

All At Sea