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My Joyful Ordinary Day

It was an ordinary day,  yet is was no ordinary day. The warm sun was kind to my face, while the cool breeze from the open window  bathed my neck. The view from my seat was brilliant like someone had switched from monochrome to HD colour and I was fully tuned in. I wanted to make this day count, so at every stop I captured the moments, like when the lady wearing white trousers that mysteriously reflected on my window alighted the bus and when the lady in the white sun top boarded, the breeze blowing her fragrance before. My senses were on full alert, I felt so receptive to life, it felt like life was smacking me in the face like the splashing of cold water on a perspiring forehead, a wonderful feeling. I felt so intimately connected to life and all that was going on around me after what seemed like a period of disconnection. As I neared the end of my sacred ordinary journey, thinking about all of the young people getting on an

Stars in Their Eyes

Today I'm struggling to find the words of communication so instead my offering is a digital rendition of my observational drawing ~> "Shine like the whole universe is yours." ~ Rumi Linking with Postcards from Paradise Recuerda mi Corazon

Speeding By ~>~>~>

In keen awareness I'm savouring  the  moments as seasons speed by ~>~>~> My sister is twelve years older than me, she said a few years back "you watch when you get to my age then time really does fly". These words keep reverberating in my ears, it seems  no sooner the old year has passed than summer is  upon us then swiftly making her retreat! The melancholy may last for a moment or two 'The Party's Over' tune dances in my head for awhile, I allow this feeling it's place, this experience, for I know this is one of many in this beautiful thing called life! Linking with Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

The Real Susan please Stand Up

Yesterday was full of colour, today feels more like all shades of grey. Not complaining though, these days have their turn, it is part of who I am? Like this self-portrait, I'm not sure which version of me I am today? Feeling vulnerable, uneasy, chatter going on in my head. I noticed too there are little pieces of me missing  in the image, that's exactly how I feel, missing pieces not knowing what? A well used phrase comes to mind - "you are enough", a gentle affirming reminder  to myself to just be with it all, yet the feelings persist. I feel like I'm too much for myself today! But, tomorrow is tomorrow, a brand new day,  most likely a different  version of me will come to the fore,  the Susan I have come to know so well, the Susan who is mostly consistent these days, she is still there among all the chatter, she listens,  she assures saying hush hush, all is well. Intention ~ practice being, accepting, be

Spiritual Sunday ~ Thankful

All things bright and beautiful All creatures great and small All things wise and wonderful I'm thankful for them All Today has been one of those lazy Sunday afternoon days,  I must admit to being in PJ's till noon, got sidetracked by these beauties, am sending my postcards to ~ Postcards from Paradise Recuerda mi Corazon  

Birthing a Star

Colour explosion, right brain-storm activity birthing textile star. My fingers found their way to some experimentation, using fabric and heated fusing tool. (work in progress!) Linking with Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon

Digging for Gold

Yesterday my love and I went to the reclamation yard, these places are big business over here in England. We were looking for some paving stones,  old ones in keeping with our old cottage. We have a huge driveway that is full of weeds. When our property was flooded in 2007 the beautiful gravel drive that my love had spent many hours constructing ended up in the brook,  the flood just swept it all away. We have not been able to afford for a company to restore a  more permanent drive,  one which would not be swept away  should we have another flood. We searched  the yard for old concrete slabs for the drive, which our budget might run to, old stone pavers being very expensive, but the yard didn't have any, on our search I noticed  some reclaimed building stones which are very  valuable too, at this point in my mind I was feeling very  sorry for my love, knowing he must have seen them too, for I know he woul

Sifting & Sorting

Today I'm sifting and sorting, clearing out clutter from my mind. Things from the past that no longer fit, or good for purpose,  I examine their worth under the lens of Spirit and self, with fresh eyes. I'm creating space to focus on the soft fragments  of what remain. I wish to wear this life as a  "loose fitting garment", so that I may move more freely  and at ease with self.

Returning to Ritual

It seems like only yesterday...... How I loved those razor sharp pleats I waited patiently as she ironed the last crease, like it took her an eternity, but so worth the wait. I slipped into my little sassy skirt and off in a flash to the ball, the mirror ball that was, hovering over the Victoria Ballroom. On arrival I remember guitar notes of 'Wonderful Land'echoing in the empty ballroom air and the sun gleaming through those Victorian window panes, the ball reflecting it's shimmering, flickering lights on the shiny wooden dance floor and to me that was, a most wonderful land! The anticipation rose as the room filled, soon I'd be  strutting my stuff, swirling my skirt as high as it would go, oh the thrill of it all, the boys may even see my knickers! What did I care? I rather liked it! She, my Mum, was just the best at ironing, they ironed for hours in those days, the women folk.  After World War II in England it was unheard of for 'la

Slow Subtle Shift

Subtly in slight hardly noticeable increments shift happens shadows recede colours emerge and intensify and slowly, slowly the details of life come back into focus. My lovely daughter has started to see a little colour return to her life after months, nearly a year of living in darkness, since her major mental health breakdown occurred. Charlotte is not out of the woods, she's not ready to focus on the finer detail of life yet but signs of returning to normality are appearing. The days and months were distressing for all of us seeing no change, watching helplessly as no medicine nor motivational urging made any difference. Each day was the same just the silence and the shaking...... I repeatedly told her she would get better, sometimes I thought I was making this statement as much to convince myself, she hardly ever responded. I got to the point where I just thought I've tried everything, I can&

Meanings ~

* * * *      soft gentle promises of life love hope faith & beautiful seeds of connection Do  you see them too? I'm going away for a few days in our sweet old camper 'Celeste' (meaning heavenly) because she always takes us to heavenly places!