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Postcards from Paradise #7 Did I Ever Learn?

My boat's been bobbing about
on the bay of melancholy all day,
my view of paradise is blurred
and seems so faraway,
I must wait upon the tide
having faith that all things will turn,
a lesson
 more than well rehearsed,
but really,
 did I ever learn?

 Postcards from Paradise
Recuerda mi Corazon


gma said…
So true! While bobbing about we always seem to forget that safe shores are nearby.
rebecca said…
oh sue....
please do not forget the months of preparation to create a wedding! all your efforts, love and hopes have come to fruition. all the guests, all the filling up..and the letting go!
and now the ebb of life as the pendulum swings slowly back on you.
i want you to know that i am placing you in the center of my heart. that i am touched with your honesty, candor and beauty.
only a handful of weeks ago i was struggling with anguish and deep sorrow. you saw me with a mothering heart and reached out to me personally. now i am here listening, caring and ready to comfort you.

our love is immense, not even an ocean can stand between us.

Leslie said…
these words ring true for me as well... may you find safe harbor and light for your spirit, in due time...
Dearest Sue,
Your images are beautiful. They are filled with water, a symbol of the unconscious, of dreams and of life itself. Whatever is troubling you, I am holding you in the light and praying that the Compassionate One continues to guide you in your expanding awareness that you are worthy of receiving from the endless flow of blessings that are all around you.

I found this Metta Prayer online. Sometimes when things are very hard, I says this while meditating for others and for myself as well. It is a Loving Kindness Meditation:

he Metta Prayer

May all beings be happy, content and fulfilled.

May all beings be healed and whole.

May all have whatever they want and need.

May all be protected from harm, and free from fear.

May all beings enjoy inner peace and ease.

May all be awakened, liberated and free.

May there be peace in this world, and throughout the entire universe.

(I Repeat it and substitute "I")

May I be happy, content and fulfilled.
May I be healed and whole.
May I have whatever I want and need.
May I be protected from harm and free from fear.
May I enjoy inner peace and ease.
May I be awakened, liberated and free.

Blessings and Light
Noelle x
Carola Bartz said…
Yes, these words are so true - I do know what you mean. I hope you'll find the way out of that bay soon.
Janine Bollée said…
Still in the land of Melancholy?
Bobbing up and down on the ocean of Life?
If only I'd known: I would have got my kayak out and bobbled alongside.
Actually, much better to go for a walk.
Feel so chuffed that you can still do that.
I'm envious. I just hobble or at best amble these past few months. My 8 to 17 miles a day have gone. For good I feel as I can see little improvement.
Ever decreasing circles.
Making do and mend.
I bet that cheered you up no end :-)
Janine Bollée said…
And another thing.....
How did you manage to get that wonderful lemony glow in those silhouette pictures?

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