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Haiku my Heart #28 Spiritual Stories

seven branches bold
seven stories have been told
perfect poetry!

In ancient scripts it is said that the number 7 symbolises perfection.

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Lovely! Not only the words but also the photos! Thank you! "Perfection!" Cathy
Some haiku purists would say that rhymes have no place in haiku. I vehemently disagree--and would hold up your offering today as an example of why rhyming haiku works!
Unknown said…
I don't know about seven being perfect .... But I do know your haiku works perfectly with this image :)
rebecca said…
i love the dark fence that appears in your last photo...
and how it turns your bold tree into a ladder to the heavens.

beautiful sue. thank you for gracing haiku my heart.
Dawn Elliott said…
This reminds me of a particular tree's silhouette after a enormous wildfire ravaged my parent's home in northern Arizona several years back. It still stood proud and was totally magnificent for years. Beautiful!
Kim Mailhot said…
My imagination immediately went to what are the 7 stories...
Thank you for this art, Sue.
Happy Friday to you !
Ramesh Sood said…
Well sue..what do I say... perfect poetry...what else can it be..
There were SEVEN comments just now.
So sorry to disturb the perfection of the number, but I just had to tell you how much i love that ladst picture.
Everything about it is perfect: the railing on the right, the gold in the distance, the heavy timber on the left meeting the dainty branches on the right: Spot on. All of it.

Now we are eight. hope that is good too.
Meri said…
That last photo is scrumptious -- I love sunset silhouettes. And 7 in my favorite number. Perfection?
Cheryl said…
Seven silhouette
sunset blue halo effect
perfect photograph
These are incredibly beautiful photos of the seven branched tree at different times of the day. Is this tree where you live?
Hi Sue~ Amazing you found this tree with seven truncated branches! And the progession of your photos--first the bare, bold tree, then with the blue whorls of sky as background, and last a friendly tree reaches out to pat the seven tree with the gentle pink sunset behind--is striking! I have a table of archetypes for seven: colors, chakras, musical notes, continents, Catholic sacraments, seas, deadly sins, virtues, even the Seven Dwarves! And to find this tree--a message? I find your post not only very moving but also meaningful. Thanks, Sue! xxox
gma said…
LOVE this!
Your photographs and haiku are perfect poetry.
Stephanie said…
Stunning shots! and I love how you used the symbology of 7...
Trees are like old sturdy friends. They have witnessed so much of history and I sometimes wonder if the rings within their trunks don't contain stories as well. I love the branches reaching upward toward the light. Seven is a good number and may nothing but good fortune come to you my dear friend.
GYamato said…
thank you of reminding me of a morning of nine sunrises. beautifully done. thank you!

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