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Focusing on My Dreams

These are shadows 
of my expanding
dream container,
I'm starting
to draw my 
to the real thing,
the fine focus!

Dreams can be both joy inducing and daunting 
at the same time.
Right now I'm focusing on something 
important to me,
sometimes I just want it to slip
back into the shadows
where it can just be without real form.
But for dreams to come true
and bring me JOY
I must focus!

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Kat Sloma said…
Sounds like you might have some planning going on! I like the transition from shadow to real thing in this sequence. Nice illustration of the words!
joco said…
Dreams repair, in my view.
So glad that dainty item ( handbag) emerged unscathed.
Snap, as regards dreams.
No interpretation?
Gold stands for...what?
Wishful thinking?
Wonderful! My dreams often are comforting and enlightening. Thank you!! Cathy
rebecca said…
i am enjoying your hearts focus, your burgeoning dreams, your radiant polestar coming into light.
tying your heart to your dreams is a certain joy so bright, the sheer happiness of your happiness ignites those around you!
deb did it said…
WOW! Intriguing, and also brings me JOY!
Meri said…
May the dreams in your container grow more and more real until they burst into form more magical and heartening than you ever imagined.
Cheryl said…
Very intriguing! From dream to reality...I like it.
Olivia said…
I like how you creatively wrote this post...I agree with you about bringing joy into focus. I'm glad we have Share the Joy Thursday to do so! Peace, Olivia
Sue dear,
This is a very imaginative post and so beautiful. I thought for a moment you had gone over to the Jungian side of things and perhaps you have. Playing with shadows and dream states. It is all so fantastic. I love this and the transition you make is lovely. I am also reminded of Plato's world of forms. I hope that you are as transfigured by your dreams becoming a reality as your images in their transformation from shadow to actual form and color. May you be blessed with abundance in all things my dear friend and may your focus be sharp and insightful.
Unknown said…
the shadows can be frightening, they can also be safe, too safe. yes, we must risk the light to be set free.
Unknown said…
oh, and enjoyed the photos!

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