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A Tale of Mistaken Identity

There have been several creatures in my life, none more memorable than this one. I chose the fluffiest, sweetest little thing of the litter, I have a passion for long haired things, (my love had long hair when we first met!) so off we went taking our little bundle of beauty home.

 Not an ounce of trouble was our little Dorothy, named after the Wizard of Oz's very own, she fitted in so snuggly, especially under the kick-board of the kitchen units, where I trod on her accidentally the first morning of her life with us,
to this day I still feel sad about that!

The day came when we took her for the opp, as much as we loved her we didn't want to multiply!  The operation was successful the vet informed us, but for one thing?  

She wasn't a she she was a he!!!

How could I get it so wrong she was so sweetly 
feminine and beautiful?

"Never mind we will call him Dotty", I said, 
and so we did, for a day!

In all of his 18 years with us he remained Dorothy, I don't think he suffered too much from mistaken identity complex though!

I feel so very sad about the day he passed away as he did suffer a little while, I was at work and my love had to send for the vet very quickly.  When he collected me from work he related the story and how it brought tears to his eyes watching him suffer and being helpless to remove the pain.  

That's the price we pay for loving so completely!

My love had already buried him in the next field up from the cottage when we got home, so as not to cause any more undue pain, but I asked would he re- bury him under the tree next to the stream in our garden, so he could remain close to us? 
And so he did.

I dedicate this story to Noelle who recently lost her cat,
to visit Noelle's beautiful pages go over to:


Kat Sloma said…
Our animals are such special companions. Thank you for this story!
Rena said…
beautiful story for a beautiful cat. Thank you for sharing Dorothy with us
rebecca said…
amazing...the depth an animal can reach into recesses of our hearts.
we have jackson.
he looks like he's wearing black and white spotted cow p.j.
we love him beyond measure.
love your story of dorothy.

EG CameraGirl said…
Although it's a sad story, it is also very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
This is a beautiful and sweet story about a dear friend that was lost to you. I love that you kept the name Dorothy for him. Your photos of him are beautiful, and it was so deeply touching to see the dedication. I never expected that. I am honored and moved beyond measure by your kindness. It made me cry again about my Sarah, and that is a good thing. Thank you. Your husband looks like a lovely,sweet and gentle man. How good of him to bury your Dorothy again just where you wanted her. Thank you again my dear. Sorry I didn't see it sooner.
Carola Bartz said…
This is such a beautiful story. I love your pictures of Dotty Dorothy, what a beauty. I have never owned a cat, but several cats owned me, turned up at my door out of nowhere and decided that they liked it and came back over and over again. It was always heartbreaking when they died, but as you said that is the price we have to pay for our love.
Charlotte said…
It's lovely to see you remember Dorothy in this way, he was so special to you and Dad and this keep's his memory with you.

I remember having to pull a thron out of his tiny kitten paw (which had doubled in size), I always felt like he knew I was helping him.

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