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Playing again....

A little memory aid,
to remind me of a most beautiful happening,
whilst laid in my bed and the big old 'full snow moon' shining outside,
I could hear an own hooting twit twoo, twit twoo.
I have never heard this sound in all 15 years I have lived here!
My love thought it was the Tawny Owl most common in the UK, to my delight upon a little
investigation it appears this twit twoo is a duet song between male and female....!

I knew it was spring calling....

Must let the others know over at ~>~>

Postcards from Paradise


rebecca said…
is there any other song that wakens us as much as the call of LOVE!! all the sweeter knowing love called through the long winter night with a song that will bare fruit in spring!
loving you from across the pond, where we waken to the same light and dream under the same knowing stars.
Annie Jeffries said…
How delightful. The call of love. There is nothing better.
suzanne said…
oh how beautiful...there is a winged one that i hear sing every early morning and late evening here. i do not know what she may be but am always comforted by her call. to love...
Unknown said…
I will take this as a sign! Of pairings, of spring rights and rituals...

I agree with Rebecca, enjoying the same light here pouring in my windows, tying us all together.
Nonnie said…
what a sweet sound that must be!
Gillena Cox said…
luv this; have a nice Sunday

much love...
Oh, I love the call of the owls! They are hauntingly beautiful.... Haven't heard them here in a couple of years, especially since construction on an open space area started down the street, invading their habitat. Your own looks "kingly" :)
A spring duet of owls to bless you! What a wonder! Savor it while it is happening (as you do), and in memory when you no longer hear the haunting notes.

Safe Amid Shadows
carol l mckenna said…
So creative ~ listening to nature and creative art work expression ~ Delightful ~ thanks,

carol and artmusedog

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