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Align the Divine

"The terrain of the intuitive path can feel strange like we need a road map...
this is where 'faith' is needed."

My dream was broken after having made the above comment on yesterday's post ~ Walking by Faith

I know other people's dreams may bring on a yawn, but this one is a thriller and auspicious I feel! 

See what you think?

The Dream~>~>

The path was narrow along the craggy edge,
I was scared, for to my left the rocky surface fell away sharply
and to my right there was, I thought, a deep, dark black sea,
although I barely dare look for fear of turning sideways I might lose my grip and fall in!

I gingerly crawled the shiny surface clinging tightly, scaling the ridge,
however ahead at a distance I could see the outline of
a mountain range with the sun just peeping through and lighting up
a scene that looked like what I imagined to be Shangri-La!

My immediate feeling however was one of fear and it was almost paralyzing me to the spot
but I knew I must keep moving as staying put was not the answer,
so I made small measured movements, keeping my eye on the distant mountains,
they propelled me forward.

After some time I managed to loosen my grip a little
as my measured movements became steadier and predictable,
though I never allowed myself to be distracted by the sheer drop to my left
having this great fear of heights and the dizzying effect that almost hypnotizes me to the edge!
As my fear began to lift a little I thought I caught sight of a shimmering light from the corner of my eye, I noticed what seemed to be different tones in the darkness to my right.

In the distance as the light advanced I could see the path widening out and so I picked up pace,
soon it became safe for me to get up from all fours and walk, as I did I began to notice the water to the right, by now fully bathed in light. I could plainly see instead of a deep, dark blackness as I had imagined there to be, just below the water's surface shone a myriad of tiny pebbles gently sloping away.  Not believing my eyes I ran backwards along the ridge edge for someway and yes the pebbles could be seen glinting in the sunlight all along the water's edge as far as the eye could see!!

Fear wants to keep a strong grip on all of us in some way...

Keep walking by faith
along life's intuitive edge,
align the divine.

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Haiku my Heart
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Spadoman said…
I was in this dream with you. I have had one similar and turned out to be a journey through my broken heart. There also was a light, and like you, the light guided the "way" things were to be thought of and seen.
I was with you here this day. Thank you for sharing this with me.

Much Peace sent your way Ms. Foxy.
Gillena Cox said…
quite an interesting dream, teamed with your haiku presents a good haibun

much love...
Ramesh Sood said…
Align the divine..

A message that makes me feel so alive...thanks...

my haiku here..

rebecca said…
i love the shadow behind your graceful hand, a reclining heart. at first glance a dark shadow, then suddenly a flooding of comfort.

and your dream.
how often do our thoughts cloud a purer vision?
i willingly step into this epic sojourn with you,
embracing the mystery, walking forward in trust.
Priti Lisa said…
My dreams have been surreal and challenging too of late.
Move to Love...
I love this photograph.
Beautiful post.
Anonymous said…
beautiful post
Charlotte said…
Wow, this is as deep as the black watery grave you dreamt of. Yet still, there is a lightness towards the end.

I need to get up off all fours and walk without trepidation.

Karen said…
It's when we stop walking that fear overcomes us.
The photo is elegant - the OM mudra - the Divine Source of all life! And what an incredible dream! So much symbolism. Yes, needing trust and intuition to follow the path/journey. I love this part: "small measured movements - keeping my eyes on the distant mountains....not allowing myself to be distracted." That's it for me - not allowing myself to be distracted. Wonderful post :)
Anonymous said…
Love 'align the divine' and gorgeous macro photo! Happy Weekend to you ^_^
J C said…
It seems you lost your fear when you saw the bright, shining pebbles. I hope it stays away for you and you find the peace your heart was seeking.
Anonymous said…
This is a very moving haibun! Well done! Keep walking with faith!
Charlotte said…
Just lovely... xxx
Lea said…
I had a wise person tell me once... that when we dream a powerful dream, sometimes scary, it is so we do not forget the message of the dream, which isn't always scary, but very important. This is an amazing and auspicious dream and your haiku is a perfect distillation of what this means to you and all of us whom you have shared this with. Thank you! I will be thinking of you as I wind my way today up the Pacific coast on high cliffs and the ocean stretching far and wide!
MJ said…
I love how when you just ask the question, your intuitive self answers :). Intuitiion=soul, logic=human. This is how I see it. We need both, but in the end we must always open ourselves and surrender to intuition, because we humans do not have all the answers, and we never will :).

big hugs

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