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Sky Connections

Following on from yesterday's post about Connections,
I quickly press 'new post button' less these thoughts escape me....

I have been visiting Dirty Footprints Studio and as synchronicity would have it
Connie is posting about connections too!
I have left comments on Connie's blog over 2 years but never
had a personal response, this doesn't matter
though because she speaks straight to my heart!

Recently Connie lost a very dear friend whom
she affectionately called 'Uncle Johnny',
Johnny was a musician, he died suddenly
read the story here

In honour of the life of her dear friend,
and all our dear friends gone before
Connie suggested we connect through
 'Piecing together the Sky', a memorial
through sky images and words describing
our heart connection.

My special friend and heart connection
died a number of years ago now,
I often wonder about him?
He was a very spiritual person, a little unusual, different
from other men I'd known, he said he thought his difference
was due to him being the baby of a family of four sisters....

He introduced me to a religion that I no longer am
affiliated with but spent twenty years of my life sharing
those values and connections with him and others....

Eric thought a special place was reserved for him in heaven....
The truth is I'm not sure about details the future holds....
but one thing I am sure of is that this person, was
the kindest, most loving and supportive man
I've had the privilege of sharing moments with.
So my little sky connection would be for
Eric who I miss very much,
and who knows maybe he's smiling down on me right now!

Dirty Footprints Studio
'Piecing Together the Sky'
and share your own connection.

PS Be sure to watch the video, you'll like it!


Unknown said…
sweet words and thoughts, the last shot fits so well.
we can but remember them...
Lynna-g said…
Beautiful post and lovely photo. It was wonderful to participate int this and now I get to meet you .
I posted my tribute over at
Natasha said…
I so deeply love the way you captured the sky in the water a surface so fluid and changing like life. I love the way you wrote about Eric - I could feel his warmth emanating from your words. Sending you peace and light. Thank you for sharing such beauty as a part of Connie's memorial.
somepinkflowers said…
thoughtful posting...

connections all around
that you have such fond memories
of your own friend
THAT is a slice
of heaven on earth
in my book

i belong to the church
of High Hopes
do invite you over
for some seeds of Hope...

{{ sue,
we can never have
Too Much Hope
can we ??
i stitch together
every sky
i am under
with thoughts of those who have Passed On...
where is After Life
i have no idea
but this one life
HERE now
is Grand,
don't you think? }}
Sandra Marie said…
Gorgeous colors & reflection in the photo! A lovely tribute to your friend.
nerllybird said…
That's a beautiful photograph to accompany your memories, thanks for sharing your story.
Connie said…
What a beautiful memorial to your friend Eric, Sue. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo of sky you posted here. Thank you for sharing!

And, I am happy to let you know that you are a winner of one of my Piecing Together The Sky prints. Congratulations!

Jump on over here to see:

And please email me your mailing address to DirtyFootprints(at)yahoo(dot)com so I can send you your gift!

BIG Hugs,

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