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Postcards from Paradise - Whoops I told a Lie ;~)

I recently had an on-line 
conversation and said
 "I don't remember
smiling at anything I have created"!

This week I'm definitely smiling, 
I received two things back
through the post that I created.
My Blog Story in Print
This is an achievement, as you can see
 I posted original images and text too ~
You can get your blog professionally printed, 
but I wanted to have a go,
 I have some background experience in publishing, 
it's not perfect, I'm still learning,
there's room for improvement!
This will be a prototype! Oh that's a big word!
Yes, I'm definitely smiling.

I think sometimes when we admit to smiling
at our own creations it feels a
bit uncomfortable, drawing to attention,
self approval/self doubt and ego all come into play?

Also artists are renowned for
never being completely happy and smiling
at their work, what do you think?

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Postcards from Paradise


Miss Robyn said…
good for you! I am in the process of having four years of my blogging printed.. by blogger.. that is the only way I know how.. but I received my first one back a few weeks ago and it is fun!
rebecca said…
i think i
completely! you are a constant outpouring of joy and beauty. now all this ethereal creation can be held in the hand, and opened like a heart.

Oh, good heavens. My book would be volumes as I have been publishing the blog eight years last November. It never occurred to me to have it published and you certainly have given me some ideas. I just love how your printed blog came out. And yes, most artists and writers I know (including me) are usually modest and unsure about their work. Thanks for this great idea!
A paradisaical printing!
I think that it is completely beautiful. A work of art in progress, now able to be held in the hand and cherished while it continues to unfold. You have every right to be proud. Lovely!
gma said…
You have made me smile too. This is fantastic Shoes n' Frocks. :-)
Wonderful accomplishment. It certainly looks professional!
Carola Bartz said…
I actually do smile at some of my work!
This book is fantastic. What a source of joy!!! It is absolutely stunning!
Meri said…
I am smiling ear to ear at your beautiful creation and the lovely soul who brought it into being. What a wonderful book! I enjoyed leafing through the pages and wish I could hold it in my hands.
GYamato said…
Now I'm laughing! This is so beautful(!) that I burst into tears, overwhelmed by the possibility that you brought to light. That unexpected outburst made me laugh...I'm almost afraid to go back and look at this again, but of course, I absolutely have to! :)
Kat Sloma said…
How wonderful! I have thought of doing this, to document my creative journey in a physical form. I love how this looks and I'm so excited you have this to hold in your hands. You've inspired me. Someday...
rochambeau said…
Congratulations Foxy Sue on publishing a book with all of your own works.... photos, thoughts, collage! Adore your cover!!

I think it's great to smile about a creative work of art!! When a person can smile and be enchanted by their own creation, it is a slice of heaven. To win the battle after so many mistakes. To stay with it and create beauty is the very best feeling. To stare at something you have created with your imagination and say WOW! I did that!? It is a gift and mystery how it all comes together. Don't you think?

Bravo again!!


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