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Postcards from Paradise #13 ~ Quiet Contemplation

Rainy days,
 quiet contemplation, sitting with stillness,
wondering about the journey.....

It's okay to sit, to be quiet, not to push with anything, waiting for the sap to rise....

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Postcards from Paradise Journeys


rebecca said…
waiting right beside you friend.

loving the rain, the hush, the waiting....
with you.
Something so soothing and meditative about the rain. It is as though the universe is offering us a moment of time to nestle in and listen through the quietness for the still sounds of our own heart beating and our own breathing in and out. Beautiful images, Sue. Right here with you.
Unknown said…
quiet images to find ones ethereal.
I can feel my sap rising...
Meri said…
Hmm.... I try not to be too sappy. Is feeling it rise good or bad?
Carola Bartz said…
It is totally okay to sit and be quiet! I've done that a lot this summer so far. Beautiful photos full of atmosphere.
Ah, a rainy day in England and so beautifully expressed by you, Foxy Sue.

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