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Grief Story on the Hoof ~ Entry 6

A Simple Message ~
draw anew each day
.intention to play softly
in the light of love

Over here in the UK a brand new series of Grand Designs is being aired on TV.  Last night I was immersed into a world of serenity when a new build featured an authentic Japanese room, created to transport the occupants back home.  The simple and minimal layout with soft traditional elements immediately conveyed peace.  It wasn't just the beautiful design features that impacted my senses but I felt such a longing to be in that space, environment, to experience a life for a time free of clutter both physical and mental. 

I have been trying to clear my love's garage and my home of anything that is not useful or necessary for I need to move away. I have been working non-stop to keep the place presentable so that when the time is right I will be ready to go, I'm waiting for a buyer.  I have a garden the size of a small park which needs lots of attention so I am wearing myself out both physically and mentally, it is more that one man or woman's work!  This TV programme reminded me to carve out for myself time, to make a sanctuary to readdress my energy levels.  I have not been to my yoga class since my love passed away or practiced at home.

Going through the grieving process does funny things to the mind! I suppose survival mode kicks in and you feel like you MUST carry on and get things done regardless.  To start with I think adrenaline was carrying me through the days, I kept telling myself " I can do this, I can handle it" but now I am waning and need to heed the warning signs, this programme did me a favour, reminding me to go softly on myself.

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PS ~ a little something from my bliss list, a few words of wisdom and comfort ~

Traveller's Notes


Yes, do heed the warning signs, and continue to play in the light of love. Healing will come...sometime...somewhere...somehow.It's all about love. Blessings to you today and always, Sue.
carol l mckenna said…
You are ... in the light of love' deceased love is watching over you ~ hope you will be ever so gentle with yourself and program you watched seems just what you needed ~ lots of healing hugs to you ~ xoxoxo ~

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

ps. been through much loss of loved ones myself ~ not easy ~
rebecca said…
dearest sue,
what a gift you are greeting me here on this haiku day. thank you sue, you have been greatly missed. i wish for the thousandth time we were neighbors and i could help you in more tangible ways.
my heart is with you and even my soul.
embracing your quest for simplicity. knowing that when we make space in our hearts, minds, homes, we are inviting in the gathering of light that is always waiting for us.
holding you in love and deeply touched with the beauty you are sharing here today.
Unknown said…
Sue...I have spent some time here at Finding my bliss and sitting with you in your grief. I did not know...I have been away and found myself missing your words and imagery. I saw your name in Rebecca's list and ran right over.
I am installing my Art of Remembrance Goddess this weekend and will hold a special place for your love.
Nonnie said…
Most of my life during the first six months or so is a blur. I do know I did not spend days upon days in my bed even thought that is often what I wished to do. I do remember middle son setting aside a whole day (from his insurance business) to help me wade through all the paper work and phone calls that needed to be made. So even if I heard or read anything like you're describing went above where my brain was working.
One thing I discovered about a teacher friend of mine was that she wanted me to move on because she couldn't stand to see or hear about the pain of loss. I am still friendly with her, but I no longer think of her as a CLOSE friend.
Your journey will take as long as it needs to take. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Lea said…
I think of you so often Sue. Wish I were close by to lend a hand, so it will have to be from my heart... this post is lovely, peaceful, beautiful... in word and image. I hope you will find some time each day to settle into a few moments of zen, replenish your wellspring, being gentle with your heart... I am so happy to find you here today in our circle... all my love to you dear Sue... xo
Laura said…
Bless you as you continue grieving, healing, moving through these difficult times.
Our passage through grief is never easy and often surprising, it weaves its tentacles into our soul in more ways than we realize. Somehow, we find our way through the maze but it is as you say, we need to be mindful and take time to rest and find a calm centre now and again. My condolences for your loss. Thank you for sharing this piece of your journey with us.
J C said…
My heart enfolds you Sue. I feel you. Art helps.
gma said…
I have missed you too Sue. For some reason I didn't know you were going through all of this. I am so sorry. You have always been an inspiration finding your BLISS. I know that it is still with you. Please do take it day by day. Baby steps. I send love and healing to you.
Gillena Cox said…
In the light of love - an awesome way to live

Much love...
Ramesh Sood said…
A great lesson for me too here Sue.."to go softly on myself" .. Your wisdom sparkles.. God bless!!

Ramesh Sood said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark said…
May you find healing in both drawing and light.

Cutting Winter Wood
Carola Bartz said…
Grief is such a difficult time... it is often hard to see the warning signs. I remember that from the time after we had lost our second daughter. All the time I kept myself busy busy busy. Only when we took a long walk at the end of the winter and the first light breeze of spring was in the air did I start to slow down... it was like waking up. I still remember that afternoon as if it was yesterday, yet it was almost 15 years ago. The time before that is just a blur... filled with pain and busy-ness.

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