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Healing Reflections along the Grief Path

I prayed, yes I still pray this is what I do, part of who I am, my connecting with source. I prayed for just two things when my love became seriously ill, I prayed for strength to see me through and wisdom to know how to tread along the 'Dark Passage'. My father worked in dark passages for most of his adult life as a coal miner, religion was not high on Dad's agenda but the simple and humble acknowledgement of his maker was what I learned from him, coupled with my own inherent leanings towards spirituality through a love of creation I was destined from an early age to be a seeker...

I think I would have been about eight or nine at the time when Dad came home from the mine unsettled by having lost his watch somewhere that day, I heard him tell Mum whilst she was preparing dinner. I remember turning to prayer and asking for God's help on the matter in my childish way then leaving it with him for food was about to be served.  Later on that evening I overheard a conversation ending with "well I never, thank you very much". Yes the watch was back! Deepak Chopra in his book The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire asserts "there is no such thing as coincidence". "Not only are these strange, everyday experiences meaningful, but they offer glimpses of the infinite possibilities we could embrace".

Over the weekend "black dog" paid me a visit and to be honest he was outstaying his welcome, I could not shake him off.  So what would a grieving girl do and particularly one who has vowed along the 'warrior path'?  I have found it's sometimes not a matter of fighting but just Being with what is... Whilst I was Being, listening to Chill Radio and sitting with my love's photo who's smile keeps me going a very strange thing happened! They played Clair de Lune my love's favourite piano music from childhood, which incidentally was played at his funeral.  Clair de Lune is a highly unusual piece for this radio station so as the tears flowed I took it to be a sign of comfort from my love, not a coincidence but the spontaneous fulfillment of my desire...


suzanne said…
what a beautiful sign...may you always remain opening to noticing and seeing them when they arrive - they will arrive. my father still sends me signs and they always shake me right out of that overthinking monkey mind state everyday can bring. sending love and light
How beautiful indeed! Gives me goosebumps... Makes me want to listen for my own signs. :) May you always hear the whispers of love ~ ~ ~ Hugs
rebecca said…
my father would play this song on the piano. any unexpected piano as we traveled through life together.since early childhood the notes and melody have woven their way through my memories, always tying me to my they will forever tie me to you.
unexpected gifts....
Cat said…
"sometimes not a matter of fighting but just Being with what is"

these words

love and light
Cat said…
ps I love the moon

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