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Coming up for Breath

I am taking a little detour off of the 'Grief Path' story for the time being,
for I am feeling entrenched and bogged down by the detail and not lifted!
I will be back chipping in now and again with my progress on this difficult road
but, my aspirations for telling the whole story might have to be weaved into the everyday,
for I do not want to drown in my own grief story...


Sandra said…
Not wanting to drown in your own grief story sounds like a healthy reaction. Other parts of your life will glide in through the spaces of grief when you allow them to. The tapestry of life needs stitches in the light areas to balance out the shady ones. Each day we get to choose the colour yarn we wish to weave into our life.
Your photo shows some lovely vibrant and luminous tones!
Carola Bartz said…
Sue - I haven't been to your blog in a very long time. Now I read back many weeks, and the only thing I can say in my speechlessness is, I'm sorry, so terribly sorry. You have been going to such awful times, such deep grief - this is a harrowing journey. I wish I could lighten your load, but we all know that this is not possible.
Sandra said it so beautifully - there is nothing I can add with my thin words.
I'm sending you a hug across the ocean. I am not a religious person, but I hope that your kind of faith will carry you and give you strength. I am thinking of you, Sue.
I love the part where you talk of the whole story (of the "Grief Path") being woven into the everyday - because the everyday *is* the whole story - the every-day-ness of life. The "Grief Path" is just one thread being woven through the "whole story" of your life... Like Sandra said - it's part of the tapestry of life, even though it *feels* so overwhelming I'm sure. Much love to you as you come up for air.
suzanne said…
I too resonate with how you wish to weave your grief path into the whole story - the everyday - because that is rather how it is, isn't it? It ebbs and flows throughout our everyday bringing stillness or tidal wave. It is never the whole story itself, merely, a part that makes up the whole as we continue to add to with each breath. xx
Nonnie said…
my youngest and I were sharing about being awestruck that my beloved and his dad has been gone for 8 years. incredible. I still say good night to him at bedtime, and I think I will till the day I die. I pray that I will recognize that God has not left me, and I want to feel His presence...

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