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The Immediacy of 'Now'

One of my favourite ways to write a post is the one of 'immediacy' and 'spontaneity'~>

Having laid for quite awhile in my bed before dawn lifted, feeling somewhat
troubled by the already awakened noise in my head
I sneaked down the stairs determined to set a positive tone
trying hard not to awaken the boys ~> my love and our two mutts...

Opening the blind to a brand new day, there Mr Frost
had already risen before me laying his beautiful white carpet...
and so had The 'Shepherd' who was hovering with his 'red morning warning'!
Whilst kettle was boiling I reached for my friend the lens and we engaged in note taking as follows ~>

Next for the magical elixir tea, then we proceeded to see what our other friends were saying, I remembered at this point some advice from a previous day, needing to keep this thought close I revisited Stephanie of Mango Studio who spoke of  "contentment, accepting and embracing of where we are", and although this 'acceptance' is a serious contender for the monkey mind, it's a constant battle....

My next discovery is over at  The Photographic Sage, through Patricia, who is posting The A~Z of Contemplative Photography, it was in the form of a word that I have never come across before 'Zoetic' meaning "pertaining to life, vital". Talk about synchronicity, this was just what I had been pondering in my bed about vitality and life, that this of all things is what I yearn for...

So there you have it a little impromptu tour of my morning...
I may even choose this word Vitality as my word for the year, I haven't made up my mind yet, still at the pondering stage... I think it is more likely to be a phrase as one seems to be emerging as a result of my 'centering prayer of love' and gaining clarity which I will post about soon if not sooner!

I leave my morning's pondering with thoughts on gratitude, I am grateful for the connectedness that this on-line space offers,
for the efforts each one of us make in supporting another, by our words, by sharing encouragement, by showing love and compassion to those in need.

I would like to mention that the 'Call to gather for 
Healing & Strength' 
is happening today on
Catherine Beerda-Basso's
Facebook Event Page
Please visit and offer a candle for Kelly who has written the most beautiful post at:  Umberdove

Sending to: 
Postcards from Paradise
Recuerda mi Corazon


rebecca said…
here the last stars of a cold winters night are hiking up their petticoats and bowing to the promise of a new day. i started long ago in the dark thinking about postcards from paradise, and how we are all healed by nature. i see everything as interwoven circles. so that as you wake and reflect on light, i feel your heart surging in the tides that crest between us. your thoughts form in the welcoming air and touch mine and a thousand other points of light. this morning i am considering how healing and love form in every cell, breath, thought and action; everything we are and do is an offering. one must merely choose love anew.
somepinkflowers said…
{{ fighting monkey mind myself
i sit here
writing this
the vacuum cleaner waits
by my knee ...

i have said for a long time
""i do not want to miss a thing""
in 2014
i have chosen the word
i am writing a posting
about why i selected
this word


i Release the need !

ha! }}

thinking of you
and going to read your posting
one more time
for the juicy*ness of content
i follow my list of TO DO ...
Gillena Cox said…
warm wishes,have a nice Sunday

much love...
Anonymous said…
Vitality! What a wonderful word to carry with you through the year! To try to open up for yourself, what it may mean in the coming months. My word is 'embrace.' Thank you for your spontaneity and your vitality!

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